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Furnishing a small sized bedroom successfully

Cookham 4ft Folding Guest Bed

When you’ve decided how you wish to arrange your bedroom furniture, the next step will be choosing the most appropriate furniture that will keep your bedroom spacious and free. With many different furniture items that will need to be chosen and an exhaustive range of such furniture pieces, it can be a tedious and long process to find all the

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Understanding the different types of Furniture Materials

When you buy a furniture piece for your home or office, you’ve probably encountered a whole array of furniture built through various materials – woods of assorted types, different coloured metals, glass and plastic/acrylic in some aspects too. Deciding and understanding the advantages as well of the disadvantages of these materials is something that should be considered before carrying out

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Pantone’s Color of the Year 2017: Greenery

Pantone's Color of the Year: Greenery

Since the year 2000, Pantone have selected their symbolic “Color of the Year” for the year ahead based on the colour which best expresses the current global mood and attitude. Pantone’s Color of the Year is extraordinarily influential on everything from fashion to architecture. From food to tech. (You might remember all the smartphones that came out last year in “rose

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Decluttering Secrets: The Best Furniture to Prevent Cluttering

Corazon Elm

Decluttering introduces a minimalistic style to your place of living, removing the areas of which dust can gather behind and providing you with a more convenient working atmosphere – why wouldn’t you declutter?
There are many methods to decluttering, with the major aspect being the furniture you choose to arrange the room in mention with. Furniture which has a storing device,

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What’s the difference between a sideboard, a buffet and a credenza?

Walnut Sideboard

Many people use the word sideboard, buffet and credenza interchangeably to refer to the same item of dining room furniture.
In case you’re confused, it’s this thing here:

Sideboards (or servers or buffets or credenzas – whatever you want to call them!) stand against the wall in your dining room, and provide a surface area as well as a storage area.

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How To Style Your Sideboard

Seaside Sideboard

What’s a dining room without a sideboard?
Sideboards are convenient items of dining room furniture, which can store all the things that you may not necessarily want on display but you don’t want them to take up precious storage space in your kitchen either. All those fancy cutlery sets, table cloths, place mats and coasters can be hidden away in the

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How To Clean Wood Furniture

How To Clean Wood Furniture

Good furniture isn’t cheap. But with a little care and attention every now and again, good furniture can last a lifetime in its original condition. Perhaps even longer.
Grime and dirt can build up on your wood furniture over the years, eventually making it very difficult to clean if left for too long. In this article, we’ll be giving you cleaning tips

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Sofa or Couch? Lounge or Living Room? Is there a difference?

Sofa vs Couch vs Settee

The home used to be a linguistic minefield when entertaining guests. How you referred to your furniture, in addition to the rooms which they occupied, was used as an indicator of your social class background. This isn’t the case anymore, as the great class divide seems to have become a little foggy over the past few decades. Now the varied usage of

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