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What’s the difference between a sideboard, a buffet and a credenza?

Many people use the word sideboard, buffet and credenza interchangeably to refer to the same item of dining room furniture.
In case you’re confused, it’s this thing here:

Sideboards (or servers or buffets or credenzas – whatever you want to call them!) stand against the wall in your dining room, and provide a surface area as well as a storage area.

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Sofa or Couch? Lounge or Living Room? Is there a difference?

The home used to be a linguistic minefield when entertaining guests. How you referred to your furniture, in addition to the rooms which they occupied, was used as an indicator of your social class background. This isn’t the case anymore, as the great class divide seems to have become a little foggy over the past few decades. Now the varied usage of

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What is a Trundle Bed?

A trundle bed (or truckle bed) is a part of a guest bed. The trundle bed itself is usually considered to be the part of the guest bed which lies underneath the twin bed frame, sliding out from underneath (usually on casters or rollers). Some trundle beds stay low to the ground, at the same height at which they are pulled out

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What is an Accent Chair?

Adding an accent chair to a room can immediately (and dramatically) change the statement of the room, making them a popular furniture addition. You may even accidentally acquire one during a spontaneous wander through your local shopping centre or mall, or from browsing online. That’s the great thing about accent chairs: often times, a single one will just do. If

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What’s the Difference Between Modern and Contemporary?

It’s a common misconception that modern and contemporary design are one and the same. This confusion may stem from the very definitions of the words:
According to the Oxford English Dictionary:
Modern is defined as “Relating to the present or recent times as opposed to the remote past”. Whereas the term Contemporary is defined as “Living or occurring at the

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How to make moving house less stressful


Moving home is notoriously one of the most stressful and traumatic situations we will ever be in. Research actually shows it is the third most anxiety-inducing event, beaten by only death and divorce. Shocking statistics like this one prove that finding ways to reduce the moving house headache is not only helpful, but important too.
In this blog

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Drop Leaf Tables vs Gateleg Tables

There is no denying that a large, grand dining table can be a beautiful thing, but what if you simply don’t have the space?
If your living and dining areas are on the small side, yet you still want to enjoy the occasional sit down meal in the comfort of your own home – there are options out there… No,

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What is the Difference Between Leathers and Suedes

Genuine, faux, bycast, bonded…confused? Well hopefully this will help to fill in a few of those information gaps and give you a clearer understanding of our genuine and faux leather products and what they have to offer.

Bycast Leather
Bycast leather is created using a cut of genuine leather known as ‘split leather’ whereby the cut is separated

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What Size Bed Best Suits Me?

Who knew beds could come in so many different shapes, styles and sizes? No matter how big, small or peculiar shaped your bedroom is, we are sure to offer a bed that is ideal for you, and this handy size guide is a great place to get started in finding the right sized bed to fit comfortably and practically into

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What is a Day Bed?

Daybeds are traditionally an item of furniture which has a dual purpose. Used both for sleeping on at night and for sitting on during the day. Daybeds are commonly used in spare rooms or bedrooms where space can sometimes be limited. Quite often daybeds with trundles are used to provide an extra sleeping option, useful when guests come to stay. Daybeds

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