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Breakfast Statistics: Death of the Breakfast Table?

Sitting at the breakfast table is such a traditional family concept, bringing about images of smiling faces hovering over bowls of cereal. Conventions from a bygone era perhaps? In reality, apparently 6 out of 10 meals are eaten in front of the TV these days, meaning that millions of households are slumming it on the sofa to enjoy the company of

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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Home Decor

5 Quick Home Decor Tips:

Something personal
Something organic
Something stunning
Something quirky
Nothing at all….

Too quick? Read on!
How to cheat at Home Decor… and get away with it.
Something personal…

It’s hard to truly fall in love with your home, without some of the things that remind you of, well… you! Your home is where you

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How We Sleep: International Sleep Statistics

Since this month is officially National Bed Month 2015, we thought it would be appropriate to share some bedroom-related statistics…. The National Sleep Foundation International Bedroom Poll, though it was carried out in 2013, was the first to explore the differences in sleep and bedroom behaviour among six different countries across the world. It might be a rather “old” poll

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The Future of Furniture… Realistically.

Is combining furniture with modern technology the next logical step in home design? Of course, there are many people who will completely disagree with this and I’m sure there will be many “analogue” alternatives to tech furniture for centuries to come. Maybe they will eventually be seen as being vintage in style, who knows. But as generations grow older, those

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How To Choose The Perfect Side Table

It might seem silly, but if you don’t take into consideration living room furniture arrangement before you go out and buy your side tables, you could end up with a living room that just feels a little unnatural, like something’s not quite right. This kind of unexplainable discomfort in a living room is usually all down to furniture arrangement.
There are

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Mattress Guide: Understanding Mattress Types

Everybody has their own preference of what they look for in a good mattress. With so many different mattress types, and mattresses that combine different mattress types, how do you know which type of mattress is for you?

Types of Sprung Mattress
Open Coil Mattress
Open coil mattresses, since they were first introduced in the 19th century, are the

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National Bed Month 2015

This month it’s National Bed Month 2015! Having started in in 1990, 2015 marks thethe 25th year of National Bed Month, a national campaign by The Sleep Council that runs throughout the whole of March to remind everyone of the importance of a good night’s sleep.
The Sleep Council have collected a large number of statistics that show how sleep affects

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