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What’s the difference between a sideboard, a buffet and a credenza?

Many people use the word sideboard, buffet and credenza interchangeably to refer to the same item of dining room furniture.
In case you’re confused, it’s this thing here:

Sideboards (or servers or buffets or credenzas – whatever you want to call them!) stand against the wall in your dining room, and provide a surface area as well as a storage area.

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How To Style Your Sideboard

What’s a dining room without a sideboard?
Sideboards are convenient items of dining room furniture, which can store all the things that you may not necessarily want on display but you don’t want them to take up precious storage space in your kitchen either. All those fancy cutlery sets, table cloths, place mats and coasters can be hidden away in the

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Ryder Drop Leaf Table in a Magazine!

We’re proud to share that one of our products has yet again been featured in a magazine, and not just any magazine – it’s one of our favourites too! Home Style magazine offers readers the best of homes, furnishings, cooking and shopping too…

In their April 2016 issue, they featured the best Drop leaf tables on the market and our

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Mix & Match: How To Pull Off Mismatched Dining Chairs

Mismatched dining chairs…
So easy to get wrong, but so satisfying to get right.
So how do you pull off mismatched dining chairs? There are countless ways to mix and match your chairs, and we’ve put together a simple guide to “rule of thumb” combinations to help you get it right.
If you’re struggling to get started, because you’re unsure

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How To Decorate A Conservatory

For houses that are lucky enough to have a conservatory facing their back garden or patio, it can be difficult to decide how to decorate and furnish it to make the most out of the space without it feeling like an awkward, mismatched extension of your home.
Conservatory Furniture
How you furnish your conservatory will obviously depend on how you would like

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Breakfast Statistics: Death of the Breakfast Table?

Sitting at the breakfast table is such a traditional family concept, bringing about images of smiling faces hovering over bowls of cereal. Conventions from a bygone era perhaps? In reality, apparently 6 out of 10 meals are eaten in front of the TV these days, meaning that millions of households are slumming it on the sofa to enjoy the company of

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How To Care For Marble Furniture

Classy, elegant, timeless… All words that commonly describe the natural beauty of marble and its many applications in interior design. Many assume that marble furniture is restricted to the rich and famous, a lavish accessory to an already plush home, but this is simply not the case anymore. Yes, there is still quite an air of luxury to owning

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Where To Put A Console Table

Console tables are extremely versatile items of furniture that can be placed almost anywhere in the house to instantly add some focal interest. Due to this versatility, the console table has become a timeless addition to the home that can serve a multitude of purposes and even be re-purposed throughout different rooms of the house should you become bored with its initial

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