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Living room without a sofa? It’s not that crazy!

“A living room without a sofa?!”, I hear you gasp in a state somewhere betwixt confusion and shock.
The (arguably) most important item of furniture in your living room turns out to not be quite so essential as one would rightfully assume.
“But what do you arrange around the television?”
Minimalist home owners are opting to do without their sofa

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How To Create A Homework Area for Your Kids

Homework: It can be difficult to encourage children to complete their homework if it feels like a chore or an extension of school. The concept of “homework” should be introduced as not to make their teachers happy but to better themselves. This starts with establishing a system at home based on fun and rewards, rather than punishment. Building healthy

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Pantone’s Color of the Year 2017: Greenery

Since the year 2000, Pantone have selected their symbolic “Color of the Year” for the year ahead based on the colour which best expresses the current global mood and attitude. Pantone’s Color of the Year is extraordinarily influential on everything from fashion to architecture. From food to tech. (You might remember all the smartphones that came out last year in “rose

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What’s the difference between a sideboard, a buffet and a credenza?

Many people use the word sideboard, buffet and credenza interchangeably to refer to the same item of dining room furniture.
In case you’re confused, it’s this thing here:

Sideboards (or servers or buffets or credenzas – whatever you want to call them!) stand against the wall in your dining room, and provide a surface area as well as a storage area.

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How To Style Your Sideboard

What’s a dining room without a sideboard?
Sideboards are convenient items of dining room furniture, which can store all the things that you may not necessarily want on display but you don’t want them to take up precious storage space in your kitchen either. All those fancy cutlery sets, table cloths, place mats and coasters can be hidden away in the

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Sofa or Couch? Lounge or Living Room? Is there a difference?

The home used to be a linguistic minefield when entertaining guests. How you referred to your furniture, in addition to the rooms which they occupied, was used as an indicator of your social class background. This isn’t the case anymore, as the great class divide seems to have become a little foggy over the past few decades. Now the varied usage of

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The History of the Chaise Longue

What is a Chaise Longue?
The chaise longue (pronounced “shayz long”, the literal English translation from French for which is “long chair”) has in recent decades become more popularly known and pronounced as chaise lounge in English-speaking countries. A combination of “chair” in french (“chaise”) and the verb “lounge” in English, becoming “chaise lounge”. This is due to persistent mis-spelling

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Should I get an ottoman bed or a bed with drawers?

Beds take up a lot of room. It’s most likely the largest item of furniture in your bedroom. Whether you’re struggling for space in your bedroom or simply want to declutter your room of the visible storage compartments, buying a bed with built-in storage is a great way to minimise the number of bulky storage furniture in your bedroom to

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