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5 Tips for Furnishing your Cosy Countryside Cottage

There’s something undeniably charming about countryside cottages, and there’s almost a proud but humble characteristic to them, with their thatched roofs, exposed timbers and idyllic surroundings. But how do you embrace the history of your home, whilst bringing in 21st century elements?
The connotations between countryside cottages and modest living stem from the day in which they would typically

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8 Multi-Purpose Furniture That’ll Change Your Life

With the average home having halved in size since the 1920s, measuring once 1647 square foot with four bedrooms, to todays three bedrooms of 925 feet and furniture being more pricier than ever before – multi-purpose furniture has never played a bigger role in our homes. From furniture pieces that can play the role of a seat and storage, to

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How To Style Your Sideboard

What’s a dining room without a sideboard?
Sideboards are convenient items of dining room furniture, which can store all the things that you may not necessarily want on display but you don’t want them to take up precious storage space in your kitchen either. All those fancy cutlery sets, table cloths, place mats and coasters can be hidden away in the

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Mix & Match: How To Pull Off Mismatched Dining Chairs

Mismatched dining chairs…
So easy to get wrong, but so satisfying to get right.
So how do you pull off mismatched dining chairs? There are countless ways to mix and match your chairs, and we’ve put together a simple guide to “rule of thumb” combinations to help you get it right.
If you’re struggling to get started, because you’re unsure

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How To Decorate A Conservatory

For houses that are lucky enough to have a conservatory facing their back garden or patio, it can be difficult to decide how to decorate and furnish it to make the most out of the space without it feeling like an awkward, mismatched extension of your home.
Conservatory Furniture
How you furnish your conservatory will obviously depend on how you would like

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How To Use Monochromatic Colour Schemes in Interior Design

[One][Relating to colours]
What is a Monochromatic Colour Scheme?
Monochromatic colour schemes in interior design use a single base colour for the room, but incorporate different shades, tints and tones of the main hue within the room’s palette. This creates a very bold, dramatic look whilst still being quite soft and elegant to the eye. It’s easy to create

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Breakfast Statistics: Death of the Breakfast Table?

Sitting at the breakfast table is such a traditional family concept, bringing about images of smiling faces hovering over bowls of cereal. Conventions from a bygone era perhaps? In reality, apparently 6 out of 10 meals are eaten in front of the TV these days, meaning that millions of households are slumming it on the sofa to enjoy the company of

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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Home Decor

5 Quick Home Decor Tips:

Something personal
Something organic
Something stunning
Something quirky
Nothing at all….

Too quick? Read on!
How to cheat at Home Decor… and get away with it.
Something personal…

It’s hard to truly fall in love with your home, without some of the things that remind you of, well… you! Your home is where you

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