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How To Remove The ‘New Furniture Smell’

I’m sure you’ve experienced it before: you buy a new piece of furniture for your home and end up spending the following night, or sometimes, the following week, smelling that lingering ‘new furniture smell’ throughout your house… wonderful.

Although this smell isn’t necessarily always toxic, it can sometimes be a little overwhelming or mess with your Feng Shui in the rooms of which you spend time within. In this blog post, we’ll look at how you can reduce or remove that new furniture smell from your property, so that you can rest assured that your nostrils will soon no longer feel overwhelmed.

Let the furniture air

If you’ve taken a furniture piece straight out of its packaging, it’s very likely you’ll notice a lingering smell to it due to the chemicals of which were used to treat and even make up the item. A good tip for reducing this smell is to let the furniture piece air out of its box or packaging, as it may be the overlay itself which is keeping the smell within. If the furniture piece needs assembling, it should be assembled and then kept out of your main living quarters. If it’s a nice day outside, let the furniture piece bathe in the garden for a while. If you’re unable to leave the item outside, placing them within a garage or a shed may just be the perfect place to let such furniture air. Opening windows within the room is also a great way to help the smell dissipate.

Gently wipe the surface

Sometimes, all it needs is a quick wipe down. Using a flannel and a small bowl of warm (but not burning) water, dip the flannel into the bowl and use this to delicately wipe the furniture piece. This will remove any dust that may be prevalent on the furniture piece, whilst also removing any ‘smelly’ layer that may be present. You can even mix the warm water with white vinegar to help neutralise the smell, but this depends on the furniture piece you’re wiping down – a wood surface is best applicable for this tip.

Purify the air

If you’ve got a dehumidifier or air conditioner, such device may help alleviate the strong aroma that may be lingering. Devices like this work by pulling in air through a vent and removes moisture that is attached to the air particles. This can help remove any smell that has attached itself upon the air particle and replace the air with something a bit more fresher.