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The Complete Guide To Buying Furniture Online

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When you need to purchase furniture to furnish your home or property, you have two options: buying furniture online or heading down to the store to pick the furniture that you’d like to take home. If you’re new to the realm of buying furniture online, you may at first have reservations as to how the whole process will go down and the actions of which you’ll need to take both before and after ordering as to ensure a successful transaction.

Decide what furniture you need

Before anything: all purchases of furniture online have to start by a need or a want to actually purchase a piece of furniture and to decide what that piece of furniture you’re looking to obtain or replace within your property actually is. Is your sofa getting old? Has your table picked up on one too many scratches and scuffs? With this, you’ll then be able to begin the process into looking for that particular furniture type.

Measure your available space

Deciding upon a place and position for that specific piece of furniture in your house is the next vital step, as you’ll need to measure the space you have available in order to buy the best appropriate furniture piece to fit the room you have available. You should work out the maximum and indeed, the minimum size of which you’d like the furniture piece to be.

When you begin to browse for furniture online, the product pages of most online furniture shops will state the available dimensions that the products are available in. In reviewing the dimensions of the products you come across, you’ll be carrying out due diligence in ensuring the product will a) fit within your property and, b) that the ‘two-person fabric sofa’ isn’t in fact, a two-person fabric sofa for a kids wendy house. At Frances Hunt, all of our product pages include the furniture dimension on-page.


Buying furniture online offers many advantages that store-based purchases are left without. One of these advantages include online stores offering a bigger variety, so buying furniture online can sometimes open up more opportunities for a shopper. This is because there is limited space to showcase items in a showroom or store, but endless screen space available online.

It can also be more easy to come by discounts that are available online, with voucher codes being plentiful. Before you make any furniture purchase online, you should always carry out a quick search for voucher codes or special offers for that particular online store, potentially saving you anything from 5%, 10% or more! A companies social media page is always a good place to check for these last minute promotional codes.

Buying furniture online also, as you’d expect, provides an easy option for buying furniture. With this way of spending, you’ll leave the online store to do all the work and all you need to do is simply press ‘Buy now’.

Explore the information available

When you find a product you like the look of, always read the product information available to you. Information truly is key when buying furniture online. Through reading the information, you’ll be able to discover the ins and outs of the product, everything from the material that the product has used, whether the product requires home assembly, if there are different variations the product offers for purchase and much more.

The photos of the product are also a particular type of information that is important, as this will allow you to see the product in all its glory, albeit as a photo on your computer screen. Although all photos of products should be near if not exactly as the product you’ll receive, sometimes it can be easy to misunderstand vital information from taking the photo at face value. An example of this may be a product listing that sells dining chairs separately: just because the photo presents a dining room table and four chairs, doesn’t necessarily mean the product comes with all the pieces.

Read the reviews

It’s always a good tip to read the reviews available for both the products that perk your interest and the company selling that product. Although reviews can be sometimes brigaded or may hold a more unnaturally positive score overall due to a company pushing their customers to give them a review, review sites offer significant insight into what a customer really thinks about a company and their products, with not one string to hold them back! Normally, the best reputable organisations hold an overall positive rating if they’ve been giving their consumers exactly what they want, however, it’s best to keep in mind that you’ll find bad reviews where ever you go: you must simply weigh out the pros vs the cons when reading reviews.

Other than the on-site review system that many online stores have implemented, other good independent review sites include Trustpilot and Feefo.

View the real thing

Okay – I know what you’re thinking, this whole article is dedicated to the cause of buying online (mostly) from our homes and you’re telling me to now go to the store? Well, yes. Many furniture outlets have open warehouses or storefronts that showcase some of the products that they’re offering. If you live in near vicinity of such location, why not drop in to see if they feature that sofa or desktop table that you were thinking of buying. You can still then go ahead and buy that product online later.

Read the FAQs!

When buying a product online, there is quite a bit you should find out before making that final jump. You should at first know the conditions of which you’ll be delivered the items, the locations of which they deliver to, whether delivery will cost you extra and the duration it’ll take for your delivery to arrive. It’s also important to find out the steps of which will take place after you place an order and the return policy options available for that item if any problem were to arise.