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Ideas For Decorating Your Uni Halls Room

I want a ball, I want a party, pink macaroons and a million balloons — and performing baboons and… GIVE IT TO ME! Rrhhh, Now! I want the world, I want the whole world!! Unlike Veruca Salt, you’re unlikely to want the whole world when it comes to decorating your uni halls room, but we’ll look at the ways in which you can almost get to that point. Almost, sorta.

Whether you’re moving into your uni halls for the first time, finding yourself starting a new year or at a new uni, moving into your uni halls room requires a lot of preparation and patience in getting it all right. Many questions may soon arise from how many of your belongings should you bring from home, whether you need to bring any additional furniture and will an IKEA haul be any bit worthwhile cost-wise?

When you begin to move into your uni halls accommodation, the selection of items you choose to bring with you at first will be the items of which will allow you to make the place feel a little bit more like home. Uni halls are known for being very basic and unhomely, with their generic designs that leave little to be desired in the way of decoration and design. The items you opt to bring should bring a touch of homeliness and add a bit of personalisation to the place you’re looking to accommodate in for the next year or more. Good items to bring may include memorabilia, keepsakes, books, posters and plants.

Adding a lick of art

A cost-worthy way of implementing decor is to add a piece or two of art to your new humble abode. You can acquire a piece of ‘art’ through many various methods or by even commissioning your own. A convenient way of getting art is to utilise outlets that sell great art on the cheap, from charity shops to bargain home stores, here you should be able to pick up a jazzy piece that would look great upon your walls. It’s good to remember that art doesn’t necessarily equal a painting or portrait and can come in many other forms, such as a fabric throw or a tapestry.

Art and Designs

A bed worth sleeping upon

Don’t let anyone tell you that the bed is off bounds when it comes to decorating. Sure – you might have to rearrange it each night but why not have something fit for royalty to sleep upon, especially as you’re going to be spending a lot of time recovering upon it. Ideas to add decoration to your room through your bed could include sticking to colour schemed bed linen, decorating your pillows in jazzy designs, adding additional (moar!) pillows to your bed during the day and finding a throw to cover your bed when you’re just not using it.

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Bed with Pillows

A touch of greenery…

Adding a bit of greenery to your accommodation is one way you can ensure you’ll set a fresh atmosphere in your room for your upcoming focus and studies, bringing with it many benefits such as assisting in breathing, cleansing the air and increasing concentration. There are many different plants that could just find a place in your accommodation, such as mini cactuses that’ll take up little room within a plant pot, to an aloe vera that promises good health and regeneration.

Green Home Furniture

Keeping wires together

A mix-match of wires can be quite the messy affair when it comes down to it. One wire for your phone charger, another for your laptop, one for the hairdryer… and so the list goes on. Good cable management, when done correctly, can work wonders for ensuring your accommodation maintains its tip-top condition and can even work itself into a design. Don’t believe us? Then check out this!

House Cable Management

Light up your world

If there’s one contender that you quite literally need to light up your uni halls room to a level like none other before, it’s decorative lighting. Putting aside the generic lighting that you’d see come part of the fittings, decorative lighting can really work to make your uni halls room more of a place for focus and serenity. There are many types of decorative lighting that can be installed into your room, most of which won’t need any necessary DIY work needed. From fairy lights that can be held up by a little lick of tape to light strips that can be lightly stuck underneath furniture or around the perimeter of a room, these decorative lighting ideas can make a whole lot of difference.

Modern art

Quirky storage devices

If there’s something you can expect from university, it’s that you’ll be picking up on a lot of memorabilia, university supplies and other random items along the way. With all these bits and pieces, you’ll need a place for it to all be stored. One good suggestion would be to invest in a chest that can be fit either under or at the end of your bed, whilst another idea may be to purchase an ottoman that would look good in any circumstance. If you’re low on cash or space, a spacious and cheap idea could just involve finding baskets that could be used to store whatever you fancy, limiting the items that would be left upon the floor space without a place to go.

Storage baskets