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Working from home: How to make your home work-friendly

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The number of people working from home has dramatically increased in the past few years, with a study showing that around 4.2 million people are now regularly working from home. Having had a major boost from the way in which people are ever-so connected to each other, it is predicted that half of the UK workforce will be able to work remotely (away from a fixed location – such as an office) by 2020, bringing with it a whole new mindset and mentality that those in the workforce will have when it comes to their job. So whether you already work from home, or your aspirations lie in the comfort of being able to do your job in your own surroundings, we’ll look at the ways in which you can make your house work-friendly so that you’ll be in the best position for your focused responsibilities.

Somewhere to sit

If you’re going to be seated on a laptop or desktop computer for a long duration of your ‘work day’ – you’re going to need to have somewhere that you can happily sit with comfort. Although your bed may spring to mind when it comes to debating where you’d rather spend your day, it isn’t necessarily the best place in hindsight. Staying in bed all day can damage your ability to get to sleep at night and continuously laying in bed can cause various problems¬†to the human body.

A better place to find yourself seated at for the day would be a proper chair, an ergonomic chair at best, that’ll ensure the posture you find yourself presented in as you work from home will be adequate enough to prevent any problems from arising whilst ensuring that you face ultimate comfort. A chair that has a solid, but adjustable back, one of which will allow your feet to touch the ground, the stability of five feet and additional armrests are the factors of which would make a perfect chair to work from.

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A desk to work from

If there’s one thing you’ll need, it’s a surface to work upon. With a great ergonomic chair, you deserve more than working from upon your lap. Acceptable work surfaces are numerous and in their number, as many surfaces will do the job well. The only major recommendation is that the surface (and your chair), when lined up, do not find themselves to be too high to work from, or too low that you’ll need to strain yourselves. An appropriate working condition should see the monitor and keyboard directly in front of where you’re seated, with no additional stress or strain required.

If you’re opting to work from a desktop computer, a great¬†example of a computer desk that’ll do you wonders is the Benji Medium 3 Drawer Desk, complete with an ergonomic design and a style that’ll work well with the ability to complement any other furniture that you may have in your home. On the other hand, if the laptop is your device of choice for working from home, then the Penzance Small Walnut and Glass Work Table will do greatly. Offering a touch of great class and style to any home office, this Penzance table will eloquently make you feel a bit glam when carrying out your day-to-day work activities at home.

Penzance Small Walnut and Glass Work Table

An adjusted atmosphere

It’s of most importance that you align the atmosphere you’ll be working from with an ethos that’ll allow you to carry out your job successfully. The first route towards this is removing any distractions from sight in your work area: whether that is handheld game devices, items that you could find yourself fiddling with or clutter that could cause problems. A well-lit atmosphere will also be key to dedicated focus, with natural light working best to maintain motivation within an individual. You should also presume that you’ll need a certain few ‘tools’ within your vicinity to make your work from home a breeze, these being paper to write down notes and information, a pen and a mobile device to make and receive calls from.

Technical Necessities

After you’ve got your desk, chair and the correct atmosphere sorted in order to work, you should be aware of the necessities that’ll be required in order to make ‘working from home’ a real possibility. Starting from the obvious, you’ll need a computer that is functional and won’t fail on you, one that has the software necessary for basic functions. The computer should have adequate security protection in order to ensure that the work you’re carrying out is not intercepted. You’ll also need an active and working internet connection, the faster it is – the better it may be, depending on the industry that you’re working in. An internet connection is key to the outside world, and is likely to be the main way in which communication can be carried back and forth with other colleagues or the upper management. You may too require a printer and scanner for your job, if you need to wet-print your signature onto documents.

With all this set out, you should be ready to embrace the world of work from your humble abode, discovering how different working from home is to the generic office life that many of us have come to know.

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