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Choosing the Best Pet-Friendly Furniture

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Living with pets can be wonderful, helping to decrease depression, stress and anxiety – improving our lives health-wise. They’re also great company: when they’re not jumping on furniture or ripping down curtains! In this post, we’ll look at how you can choose the best pet-friendly furniture and ensure that the furniture you deck your home out with will live long around the friendly face of an animal.

When it comes to dealing with pets in our home, our sofas are normally the first to feel the full force of any animals that may be joining us. Although pets are only trying to play, they can easily end up leaving dirty marks on your sofa, cutting the material the sofa is made out of with their long nails or even leaving stains. The way to deal with animals around furniture shouldn’t be to exclude them, however, but to work with finding ways to prevent this from happening – “pet-proofing” as such. When buying a sofa for your home, materials are always a debate that must be decided upon early in any discussion and luckily, there are some materials that are much more effective than others to best use. Washable leather that can be wiped down is one ideal choice for sofa material, as it’s long lasting and maintains its shape for years to come. With leather and pets, you’ll also find that animals can climb on it without any damage arising from their presence and any hair or fur they leave behind is able to be wiped away, as leather is more of a repellent than an attractor. You may still have to worry about scratch marks and claw holes, but this is something that can be taught to the housepet to avoid through good animal management. For pets that just can’t stop scratching and clawing, synthetic fibres such as microfibres may just be the right material for your sofa. Bringing with it durability and ease of cleansing, any scratch marks will be able to be wiped away at no convenience and the material will be set to last long and woven to resist all types of damage.

When investing in other furniture items for your home, there are some general rules to follow in relation to the best material types for pets at your home. Washable materials such as steel, plastic and to an extent – glass, can all stand up against the wear and tear of pets in your home, providing a well tried and tested material type to look for when buying furniture. Wood too can be a valuable material when buying furniture to last in a pet-dominated home, but unlike other materials, wood can prominently show scratches when they’re against the grain, with deep cuts staining a furniture piece and causing irreversible damage. Materials to avoid include a variety of fabric-covered furniture, as fabrics can be difficult to maintain and look after, with the likes of stains easily arising from any paw, tongue or body prints that your pet might just decide to leave behind. With fabric-covered furniture, you could also expect the lifespan of such furniture to nowhere exceed the duration you’d expect it to last. So when looking for a furniture material to best fit a pet-friendly home, look towards materials that are scratch-proof, easy to clean, durable and isn’t a magnet for attracting stray pieces of fur.

Choosing the best pet-friendly furniture goes much further than the materials we decide upon, but the furniture itself being friendly to the pet too. When it comes to decorating for your home, it’s always positive to invest in furniture that provides a place for your pet to rest and hide away in: these may include anything from tables with an open space underneath, shelves with a “hidey-hole” and desks with hidden away compartments, these all would put a pet at ease when in your home and reduce the need for them to lay about on surfaces and areas that may not be best applicable. The Provence Oak Console Table is a great example of a furniture piece that allows a pet to rest upon the bottom shelf of the piece, whilst allowing the rest of the console table to be functional in maintaining itself as a wine rack. The Braunton Walnut & Glass Audio Unit is another example, featuring an area behind the main shelving that a housepet could make as their home. With the shelves filled up to the top, a pet would find relief at being sheltered by the objects placed around them, allowing them to hide away and use the area as a safe space from all the hustle and bustle of everyday activities. If you’re looking for the perfect pet-friendly furniture for the bedroom, an ottoman may just be the kind of furniture you’re looking for. An ottoman, featuring a normally cushioned surface area on top and storage within opens up the opportunity to finally have a surface – other than your bed, that a pet could call their own. That surface could then be made into a designated pet bed with blankets and pillows, removing the need for your bed to become their bed too.. but we won’t judge if even then you’ll still let your pet sleep in your bed with you.

When it comes to furniture you’ve already got in your home, implementing a pet into the mix may see many people feel a bit wary: unsure of what could be and how an animal will treat the furniture around them. This is especially a big factor when introducing a baby pet to your home, with a tendency for both cats and dogs to play without realising of the damage they can do around them. Although more work may need to be done to cater for this, there are ways in which you can pet-proof your home. The first is to use covers for sofas and chairs, and with a wide variety including blankets, throws or specially made pet protectors: there will be no need to worry about options being limited. For other furniture, such as wooden tables and chairs, implementations can be made to add a hardened layer of lick on top of the wood which will make it harder for a pet to claw into.

With all these tips and tricks in choosing the best pet-friendly furniture, we hope that you are able to protect your home as you should be able to, whilst letting your pet live alongside you.