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How To Make Your Home Look Expensive For Cheap

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If there’s one thing we all aspire to have in our life, it’s a home that either looks or is worth a million pounds. The quote “looking like a million dollars” is something that has been a cornerstone of quote gimmicks for many years, but the truth is – with property, this aspect couldn’t be any more important.

Making your home look expensive can sometimes come with an understandably expensive price tag, but it doesn’t always have to be that way – with many opportunities to develop your home with an expensive flair, for an economical price. There are many aspects that can be utilised in developing your home to look expensive and in this blog post, we’ll set about by looking at some of the most important aspects that you can use yourself.

Correcting your home colour

Colour is key when looking into making your home look expensive and luxury and it tends to be the first thing someone picks up on when entering your home. Colours are quite significant in the way that they’re able to project a message to visitors to your home about the sort of person you are, your thought processes in building and managing a home as well as a whole lot more.

When rejuvenating your home with a more expensive style, there are some colours to live by – and others.. that most definitely should be avoided. Colour schemes that should be avoided include neons: yellows, greens and to some ‘bright’ extent – oranges. Other colours that aren’t so easy on the eyes – such as light blues, bright reds are also ones to evade when developing a home with a lavish look. These colours work to stand out and can make a home look cheap, tacky or even harsh-looking.

Despite the array of colours excluded that hinder progress when making your home look pricey, there are still a wide variety of colours that can be used to make your home look and feel expensive. A baseline colour that should always be used when trying to attempt this look for your home is the colour of white. This “clean” looking and pure shade correlates well with other colours and proves that even the simplistic of all colours are able to get the ball running on an expensive looking home. The colour of white can easily go side to side with a variety of different brown shades – everything from medium alder to a more darker shade, such as medium walnut. Another prominent colour is cream, used in various influential and exclusive properties around the world – from Buckingham Palace to the White House, cream is a delightful and pleasant colour that adds exclusivity to even the most distinctive buildings. If none of these colours best suit your property, other suggestions include maroon red, gold, as well as various greys and silver.

It is important, as with all other colours, that you don’t overuse one colour as a dominant and to ensure you even out the colours used throughout.

Selecting the right decorations

When decorating a house, the decorations you choose to cover the house with are one of the most important aspects in ensuring you achieve an “expensive” look to your property. Objects that are best to use include items that aren’t tacky, add something to the design of a home and enhance the area that the decoration is placed within. Useful decorations to make the most of include plants of various sorts that are maintained and kept tidy, sometimes a green plant with red leaves can add a glimmer of extravagance to a room but any plant that isn’t overbearing and is well potted should work up a treat.

Statues of various sizes can also add to the special expensive look to a home if done right. Whether it’s made out of clay, marble or porcelain each and every material has the potential to pull off a significantly fine looking effect for your home. When it comes to choosing what you’d like a statue of, the opportunities are endless. To keep up the defined expensive style, it’s recommended that you keep the statue monotone rather than coloured and that the statues character or object isn’t representing something you’d find in a children’s bedroom. Statue sizes differentiate but standalone statues (if space permits) allow a home to look magnificent and ostentatious whilst smaller statues, that can fit on a mantlepiece or a shelf can still redefine the look of a properties interior.

Furniture fit for a king or queen

And honest, it doesn’t have to be expensive! Furniture is one, if not the biggest, aspect when it comes to making your home look expensive for cheap and as a furniture store, we like to see ourselves as experts on this. From the upper echelons of the interior design world to property developers, many see making your home look expensive as a pricey affair and tend to up their prices to accommodate this, if only there were expensive looking furniture for a great price – hey? If you don’t know where to look, it can be easily expected that “the only way is up” in relation to the price when looking for such furniture, but the truth is it’s far from that.

Sleek wooden furniture with strong metal fittings can play a big part in enhancing the overall vision of your home, an oak 2 door wooden cabinet, for example, can fit into any room in the house and will provide an opportunity to store items whilst looking fine. A solid oak dining table can be found for under £150 and will bring a hint of sturdiness and versatility.

Glass-based furniture is one of the only furniture material types that 99.9% of the time looks expensive, in whatever form it’s in. Whether you’re looking for a console table, a cabinet or something more bespoke – glass will be your friend in maintaining that stunning style whilst keeping the price down.