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8 Multi-Purpose Furniture That’ll Change Your Life

With the average home having halved in size since the 1920s, measuring once 1647 square foot with four bedrooms, to todays three bedrooms of 925 feet and furniture being more pricier than ever before – multi-purpose furniture has never played a bigger role in our homes. From furniture pieces that can play the role of a seat and storage, to chairs that can take the role of a coat hanger, the variety of multi-purpose furniture pieces are forever growing.

The benefits of investing in multi-purpose furniture for your home or office are significant and include utilising multi-purpose furniture as a space-saving treat, saving money as the feature piece plays the role of multiple in-house properties and having a piece of furniture that doesn’t just look good – but performs good too.

In this article, we’ll look at 8 Multi-Purpose Furniture That’ll Change Your Life:

A coffee table and storage device

Bowen Black Ash Coffee Table

This sleek table can be easily fooled for being nothing but that, however there’s much more than the eye can see. Featuring a clean appearance with a smooth black Ash finish, this table piece is connected by three different sections and includes, albeit hidden inside, two pull-out drawers that are discreetly fitted within the build.

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  • Bowen Black Ash Coffee Table

Sofa Beds: Merging the two into one

Venice Orchid White Faux Leather Clic-Clac Sofa Bed

The trusty sofa bed has been commonplace in many of our homes for years, working by merging the two most important furniture pieces into one – so not only will you have somewhere to sit, but somewhere to sleep too (but, I’m sure most of us are guilty of sleeping on a normal sofa before..)

This simplistically designed sofa bed featuring a folding back and armrests to make up the wide base for the bed part of this multi-purpose furniture features a glam white design and metal supporting legs to add to the furniture pieces luxe.

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  • Venice Orchid White Faux Leather Clic-Clac Sofa Bed

A sideboard with a multi-purpose drawer or desk

Studio Oak Narrow Sideboard

This oak sideboard positions itself as a laid back piece of furniture, but truly – it is nothing of the sort. With a drawer you can pull out that is implemented with drop down sides to create a sturdy desk to read, play or write, this furniture piece defines the role of a multi-purpose furniture exceedingly well. So what you feeling – desk or drawer?

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All-In-One Entertainment Unit

Arthur Walnut Entertainment Unit

Enabling many different purposes to take place within its wooden walls, this entertainment unit stacks up as shelving, storage, a display case and a stand for your TV. Whether you want to display speakers upon the shelves, store items in the drawers or place a photo frame on the walls, this furniture piece is well equipped.

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  • Arthur Walnut Entertainment Unit

Seat and Storage

Priory Oak Monk Bench

This wooden monk bench utilises the space normally left from underneath the bench to put it to good use. Doubling up as a storage compartment fitted out with two deep drawers and stylishly designed to best match the seats above it, it is not only convenient but helps project a classy vibe in any setting.

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  • Priory Oak Monk Bench

Item Display and Storage

Cormano Wooden Blanket Box

A wooden blanket box can both play the role as a functional storage device – best to hold blankets, pillows and other bedtime accessories whilst also being something you can display your favourite items upon. Removing the necessity from buying a display table, case or other related furniture pieces whose sole purpose would be to display items can be much more useful when it can double up as a storage device.

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  • Cormano Wooden Blanket Box

Drawers, Desk and Wine Rack

Provence Oak Console Table

Putting the luxury into luxury sheek, this console table featuring two drawers for storage purposes, a clear surface to place items upon and a wine rack and shelf underneath the drawers – this furniture piece has all the features of a multi-purpose furniture. Crafted and shaped with fine wine bottle cuttings to best hold your bottles, this furniture will play an excellent role in any property.

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Sleep, Study and Sit

Paulie White Study Bunk

For bedrooms that are a bit space constricted, a study bed is the ultimate must-have. Featuring an upper bed accessible by a smart ladder, a desk with space underneath for a chair and a wide area for positioning any extra chairs, storage devices or other related furniture pieces. The usefulness of optimising space by fitting the functions of three very different things under one frame gives this study bunk its multi-purpose gold.

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