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How to Make Your Bedroom Cosy

Our bedroom is our place of safety, of security and for most of us, our place of comfort and cosiness. We strive to ensure our bedrooms make us feel right at home, especially as it is the location we spend one-third of our life in. However, sometimes life gets up on us and we push off making our bedroom cosy for long periods of time until we best find time available. What if I told you that time is now? That time is now.

Not only does making your bedroom cosy improve the look of the room, but it can also improve your health, ensure you sleep better and increase positivity through the changes that you can make. Never has something so small been so significant.

So what can you do to begin making your bedroom cosy? We’ve put together some of the best points together below:

1 – Invest in pillows – and lots of them!


One of the best ideas for making your bedroom cosy is to find a load of pillows, whether of different sizes and shapes or equals and filling the top section of your bed with them. If your bed is against the wall, you’re even able to carefully place out the pillows against the wall to make your bed look like a bastion of soft plushy heavenliness! With this idea, you’ll be well on your way to cosying up in a room best to your liking.

2 – Cover up that floor with a fuzzy (and snazzy!) rug or carpet


Rugs are great accessories for your room, providing endless advantages such as quirky soundproofing in ensuring sound doesn’t go straight through the floor or bounce off it, provides a soft spot if you ever (accidentally..) fall out of bed and actually enhances the feel of your rooms snazziness. With rugs being quite mainstream, there are rugs for all kinds of people – both eco-friendly and otherwise. Never again will you wake up and engage your feet on a freezing cold laminated floor, aw yeah!

3 – Deck the walls with bundles of photos!


Fa-la-la-la-laaa, laa, laaa. Photos bring us back to memories that we may have else wise forgotten about, they’re something to provide us with comfort and satisfaction of a prior time. Whether you chose to print off photos yourself, use a polaroid or simply get film processed at the store – memories are there to be remembered and not forgotten, thus should be stuck up on your wall.

4 – Spice up your life with good lighting

Home Office Appropriate Lighting

Lighting does wonders for the overall feel of a room, just the right shade and tone will add a feel of homeliness to your bedroom, whilst vicious bright light will deter and cause a feeling of unease. A common lighting trick many implement into their room design is to add string lights (also known as fairy lights) – a tumblr-y idea that proves a soothing vibe whilst shining upon your wall. Plus, you could also add the photos to the string of these lights if you opted to utilise point four.

5 – Paint it black

Have you ever thought of painting your room with a darker hue? Although not something many consider, a darker colour can make a bedroom feel more reclusive and protective, so that you can be assured your bedroom will be your rightful place of sanctuary. With this, you could even change up your bedsheets to a pure white colour to provide a sweet contrast with the darker painted walls.

6 – Bring in what makes you most happy

Items to make you happy

We all have keepsakes or items that we like to treasure, but with this idea for making your bedroom cosy, you can feel at home more again than ever before. Whether your to-treasure item is a cuddly toy, a dream-catcher to raise over your bed or a statue you bought in San Antonio, all will add to the cosiness of your bedroom through reinforcing the feeling of homeliness.

7 – Allow nature to have a place inside


Follow the Zen into your home. Some greenery in your bedroom won’t just make for the pretty picture but will actively purify your air and help you breathe easier. When you’re feeling most at ease, the feeling of cosiness will be easier to come by in a healthy surrounding. The likes of small potted plants: cactus, aloe plant, spider plant and snake plant to mention a few.

8 – Texture is key

Caledonia Fabric Headboard

Your bedroom deserves to be more than a metal-clad mockup or a plywood playbox. Experiment with materials that are homely and natural, such as reclaimed wood and beech wood panelled walls for a cute cabin feel and buy furniture that not only looks good but feels it too – a rough headboard won’t do you any wonder.

9 – A nightstand for comfort and cosiness
Rimini Weathered Oak Nightstand

Your nightstand is what could be seen as the altar of your bed, something best used to place those items you most require close to you – whether a book, a glass of water or your nightlight. Choosing the best bedside table is most useful in assisting in developing that cosy bedroom atmosphere.

10 – The Ultimate Bed

Thornton Oak Bed

When all else has been decided upon, the ultimate decision is ensuring your bed is the best fit for the cosiness you so desire. Your bed should be a strong match for your favourite sleeping position, soft to lounge upon and snuggly but firm: to help cater for your posture.

With these 10 tips in mind to help make your bedroom cosy, we hope to have provided you with both the creativity and inspiration to design such a cosy bedroom yourself.

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