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Understanding the different types of Furniture Materials

When you buy a furniture piece for your home or office, you’ve probably encountered a whole array of furniture built through various materials – woods of assorted types, different coloured metals, glass and plastic/acrylic in some aspects too. Deciding and understanding the advantages as well of the disadvantages of these materials is something that should be considered before carrying out any major furniture purchase so that you get a furniture item that best fits with you.

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Wood types available


Known as a hardwood, Ashwood of which is most common in a light texture allows furniture to be bent and can be very flexible whilst holding its position if required. This wood cannot easily be broken or damaged, so comes in as one of the most durable wood types. It also has a soft-to-touch surface so can be wiped clean with no problem.


Beechwood is a hard light-coloured, strong and heavy building material used to craft a whole host of sturdy furniture, such as beds and dining tables. It also has very good shock resistance, thus will take a lot to damage furniture crafted with this wood such as placing heavy weights upon it. Beechwood is quite the common wood of choice for furniture manufacturers, as it is easy to come about than some of the other woods that we’ll soon discuss.


This built-to-last wood material, mostly seen used on antique furniture such as carved chairs and Shaker-style tables and cabinets comes in a lush reddish brown natural tone and can be easily shaped. Unlike other wood, Cherry is more expensive and is seen as more “rare” than its counterparts. This wood is also likely to see its colour change, as it grows older, the colour of the wood is said to darken.


Mahogany is known as popular premium expensive hardwood material, of which comes in a dark brown-red tint. This type of wood is also readily available and isn’t that expensive – thus not increasing furniture prices that use this wood type. This type of wood is prone to showing dust and debris easily, so the use of such wood will require adequate cleaning.


A creamy-coloured hardwood, this material is heavy and durable. With added moisture resistance, this wood can withstand years of wear and tear – not falling to stains of many different variants. This wood is also normally glossed to give off a decorative feel, with its natural swirls and twists proving to be a beauty. This wood also does well with wood-staining, being known to mimic the pricey and popular cherry or mahogany.


Oakwood is one of the most popular types of wood currently used in furniture manufacturing. This grainy wood, of which is normally covered in many marks, shapes and lines is mostly known for its light brown blonde tint colouring. When used in furniture, this wood is hard wearing and heavy and can be cut easily. With this wood type, the grain effect can be more prominent on some oak over the oak of others.


Pine is an extremely cheap and lightweight wood that comes in a light yellowish and white-brown colour. This wood, unlike others, can be easily painted upon and is regularly used for construction purposes such as flooring. This wood type ages well and does not see shrinking, swelling or discolouration effects take place to it however it is, unfortunately, less durable than maple or oak.


This chocolate-brown coloured wood material, which can differentiate from light to dark chocolatey brown is known for being one the top picks for the likes of crafting dining tables and mantels. Walnut is a strong wood, but in the same light – a costly wood, thanks to its stability and exquisite designs.

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Metal furniture

Metal is one of the more durable materials and good metal will never show any sign of deterioration against day-to-day wear and tear except if left under heavy pressure or somewhere that allows it to rust. Metal is much harder than its wood counterparts and is one of the few materials that is flame resistant, making it safer material to work with in your home. Metal is also a very common material, ensuring any metal furniture pricing doesn’t involve any hike.

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Glass furniture

When it comes to reviewing glass furniture, check out our dedicated article here: Pros and Cons of Glass Furniture

Whatever material makes up the furniture you decide to purchase in the end, always be sure that you’ll buy such furniture from a reliable provider securely online – such as ourselves. Be sure to check out our bedroom furniture or living range for the perfect freestanding items in a whole host of styles and varieties.