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How to Greenify Your Home This Spring

With much luck, this spring could be a true blossoming one. Houseplants are something that won’t be going out of fashion anytime soon. Bringing beauty, health benefits and sweet smelling senses to your home, these plants have nothing against them. With 2017 “Colour of the Year” being greenery, there isn’t a better time to begin the greenification of your home.


Green plants

Bringing a whole feel of life into your property, the right houseplant can go a long way. With many different houseplants available, from small potted plants like the aloe plant which conveniently displays brown spots on its leaves if harmful chemicals in the air become excessive and the spider plant, a decorative and NASA-recommended air-purifying houseplant to bigger potted plants like the snake plant – limiting the water needed to survive whilst absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. Whether you’re looking for something low maintenance, home friendly or sweet-smelling: the options are all available and are endless.

Feeling tropical? How about an Areca Palm. From its origins in Madagascar and the ability to grow up to 8ft, this plant provides a dramatic magical touch to any room and thrives in indirect light with dry soil and scattered watering. Unlike other plants, the Areca’s don’t fall down from disease easily, maintaining their healthiness for as long as you can cater for their (low-energy) needs!

As something of excite; this light and bright English ivy houseplant trails down wonderfully from its stem and can be easily cared for through an active stream of bright light and dry-to-touch but watered soil. Unlike the majority of any other houseplants, the ivy comes in multiple colours and shapes – be it dark or light green, yellow or grey, so you can be sure there will be a type of ivy to best suit your needs. Too, with these plants you can easily gift a stem to a friend through cutting off a little branch which can then be buried somewhere with light and a little bit of water and they too before long will have a fully-functioning English ivy of their own to look after.

House plants

Greenify your furniture

With your plants in check, the next step will be spent on decorating your house to complement your new found greenification. I know what you might be thinking – green plants, fine.. but green furniture? However, it isn’t like what it sounds. Indeed, with the right colours shades and textures, a splash of green furniture can make a powerful impact on your home design. Whether it’s your dining room chairs and table, a shaggy green rug or simply just the couch pillows; with a refreshing and revitalised shade, you’ll always feel at home with nature, even from within your home.

When it comes to choosing one or many green colours to use, options are far from limited. With green alone, there are over 100 named shades that closely resemble a green in its various different forms. From Shamrock Green a colour that most prominently appears on furniture to the Light Sea Green to give your home that sea-life vibe and Tea Green for a positive natural feel to the colour green, these are just a few examples that the colour green has to offer.

Luckily with the colour green, this is a colour that goes well with many other colours, both shades that closely align with it and other shades that are the complete opposite – even in colour. Some of these colours include blue and yellow, the two colours that when mixed together, create green. Other colours include a whole host of different red shades: red and green have always been seen as a complementary colour set, for example. Brown too is a colour that correlates with green well, being a naturistic collaboration between the two colours.

Greenify Home Furniture

Going green

Have you thought about developing your home to be functioned and powered green? If you’re feeling a bit eco after greenifying your home with both furniture and houseplants, you could go a step further and invest in transforming your home to an eco-aware sanctuary. There’s a lot you can do, from things that will only take minor changes to your lifestyle – such as cutting down on unnecessary water usage and recycling your waste correctly at your home or place of work, to more significant changes including investing in solar panels for the roof of your home to cater for increasing energy consumption, replacing lightbulbs throughout the house with more energy efficient LEDs and ditching your petrol/diesel car for the new breed of electric.

With eco “green” changes to the home, it could soon pay off both monetary and healthily – so you’ll feel good in the pocket and in your head.