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Furnishing a small sized bedroom successfully

When you’ve decided how you wish to arrange your bedroom furniture, the next step will be choosing the most appropriate furniture that will keep your bedroom spacious and free. With many different furniture items that will need to be chosen and an exhaustive range of such furniture pieces, it can be a tedious and long process to find all the information required. In this article, we’ll look at suitable furniture, as well as tips and tricks – of which will make furnishing a small sized bedroom successful.

Beginning with the right bed

A bed is the main aspect of any bedroom and a furniture piece that you really can’t go without when furnishing a small bedroom – or any bedroom for that matter. Beds come in many different sizes and will differ depending on your accommodation requirements. For very small bedrooms, day beds can be a useful idea for the situation presented, offering a fine pull out bed from under a sofa – utilising two functions in one. Most of these day beds also come with makeshift bed rails for extra support.

Other options available for sleeping in very small sized bedrooms involve folding beds. Folding beds can be tucked away in a cupboard or out-of-room until it’s time to rest and can be cleared up again in the morning with a simple fold, with the mattress able to be folded too – offering the most convenience. These kind of beds are significantly cheaper than all of their other opposition, with prices being as cheap as £83 on our website which too includes an airflow mattress.

Cookham 4ft Folding Guest Bed

For bigger rooms that do not necessarily require having to fold away a bed or using a day bed, but are still smaller than ordinary, other furniture used for sleeping that can be implemented into your bedroom layout include a convenient guest bed. Guest beds are commonly smaller than regular “single” and indeed “double” beds, in sizes of 2ft 6 in single small and 3ft stand small size. Advantages of guest beds include being cheaper than regular sized beds and of course, take less are very limited in the space that they take up.

Dressing your room with the right cabinets

After you’ve decided upon which bed for your small-sized room, whether a smaller bed option or a larger bed option, in which may see you have to limit the size of other furniture within the room instead, the next items that are best to furnish your room with are choosing the right wardrobes and drawers – furniture for storing clothes and other items. There are many different wardrobes of many sizes available, from 1 to 5 doors, as well as sliding doors of various sizes. With smaller room layouts, you may be limited with only the smaller wardrobe options – having to opt with 1 or 2 door wardrobes and a chest of drawers.

Chest of drawers are much more flexible in their positioning in a small room, with the ability to be able to be fit at the end of a bed or desk rather than taking up valuable wall space which will be needed to place a cupboard against, or the headboard of a bed. Narrow drawer options are also widely available on the web, with our online store selling a variety, such as the Henderson Dark 5 Drawer Narrow Chest at £246.75 and the stacked height Marcello Cream 5 Drawer Tallboy Chest, costing only £201.75.

Marcello Cream

Another useful space-making idea is if you require a dressing table in your room layout, you are able to utilise the drawers that feature on some dressing tables to take the place of the regular bedroom drawer set. Saving you both less money and gaining more sought after space within your room, it’s both a win-win. Our favourite dressing table that also plays the role of fully-fledged bedroom drawers is the Henlow Double Dressing Table.

Ottomans and more

Have you heard of the bedroom ottoman before? These convenient chests which can be used for both seating as well as storing clothes, bedroom bits and blankets are a fine way of dealing with a lack of space and storage in a small bedroom. Ottomans, which come in many different designs – from fabric, leather to Oak, Pine and Beech are too significantly cheaper than other storage compartments in a bedroom. Some of the best Ottoman deals that we serve up include the Diamond White Faux Leather Ottoman at its current price of £69.30, as well as the smartly-designed Levante Two-Toned Blanket Box Ottoman at £134.10.

Bedroom Ottoman

Another idea is utilising the under-bed space for additional storage if your ottoman or chest of drawers does not suffice. Although not all beds are elevated enough to include an empty area under the bed, when they do, an under bed drawer can be used to keep things together efficiently and prevent them from being kept on the floor and getting dirty/dusty. Urban Underbed Drawers are one example of such option that is available at Frances Hunt, costing £75.65.

Utilise wall space

Bookcases don’t have to be freestanding anymore. With shelves or hooks, clothes can be hooked upon or folded and placed on a shelf either on the back of the bedroom door or on any available wall space that still exists after the rooms furniture has been chosen and positioned. Shelves can be made to column each other in numbers of 2, 3 or 4, depending on the additional space that you require whilst hooks can have additional baskets attached to them. Not only is this a cheap method, costing at most a few pound for some wall hooks and shelves which won’t break the bank but, never again will your room feel like you have no space for storing your items.