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Mirror, Mirror On The Wall: Which Mirror Is Good For You?

Mirrors: they come in various shapes and sizes, from many brands and themes – but if there is one thing that they have in common, it is that they are the ultimate centrepiece to marvel at in awe. From those at your bedside table to those used to get ready for the day ahead, mirrors play a big part in our life at every step of the way. When decorating our house, it is vital that the mirrors we choose to display are right for the place we call home.

Bedroom Mirrors

Mirrors in the bedroom come in two different types – wall mirrors and standalone mirrors. Wall mirrors can be used in many situations, as they take up no floor space, come in many different sizes, are easy to hook up and go and come in many patterns. Standalone mirrors, on the other hand, are mostly reclinable, feature exquisite storage apartments and vary in space and size. Most of us that are looking for a mirror, prefer it for its functionality and design – mirrors need to be big enough to fit our upper body and head into view, but not too big that it’ll tarnish the design of our bedroom room layout.

A strong example of a marvellous standalone mirror for the bedroom that we stock; namely is the Candace White Painted Wall Mirror. This white primed mirror, featuring a rose pattern on the head of the piece is an elegant and luxurious mirror and the perfect shape and size for hanging on your wall. Matching any room design that utilises a white or toned theme, the eloquence of this mirror will stand out just sweetly.

Candace Cream

If you prefer something more sleek and professional for a more specific theme in mind, the Dari Black High Gloss Mirror will have you glancing over at your new purchase for weeks. This simplistic Black Mirror is everything you need to make a statement in today’s society and maintain your great looks. Glaze into the reflection that looks back upon you..

Dari Black

Another favourite of ours on the other side of the aisle is a standalone mirror, called the Eldrin Black Cheval Mirror Jewellery Cabinet. Unlike other mirrors, the standalone ability allows it to fit in its own storage compartment behind the screen of the mirror, enabling the storage of items such as jewellery – necklaces, bracelets, rings, scarves and much more. The Eldrin Black Cheval Mirror is best fit for a classy persona, with its stunning black finish and attractive gloss design. Unlike other mirrors, this has a lock to hide away the possessions that mean the most to you.

Eldrin Black

Another great and standalone mirror is called the Nancy Oak Cheval Mirror, crafted out of fine oak this sturdy mirror features an adjustable mirror with a wide frame and a two drawer set. A French rustic design, this quality furniture piece will stand out as the centrepiece of any room it is placed in. It’s complimenting textures allow easy matching with any other oak furniture that you may have.

Nancy Oak

Living Room Mirrors

Living room mirrors play both a cosmetic and practical role in enhancing the design of a living room, coming in many different sizes and shapes for many themes or personalities your house may hold. Unlike bedroom mirrors, living room mirrors are set up with more eloquence and luxure than their counterpart. Crafted to make a room feel more spacious, brighter, open and airy – these mirrors are pivotal to a welcoming home. Mirrors can fill the task of striking a pose, reflecting your overall style, or complementing preexisting furniture your house is furnished with.

At Frances Hunt, we host a variety of mirrors on offer in our online store. One of these mirrors is the Orient Square Mirror; splashing a dark textured design with solid stressed-edging straight corners, this well-designed mirror is perfect and can be combined with other furniture within the Orient range to create an Eastern-influenced themed taste. Using pure materials such as reclaimed pine and solid alder wood, this mirror is a marvel of design.

Orient Square

A second mirror favourite of ours is namely the Lyon Walnut Large Landscape Mirror. Utilising a large solid oak frame around the mirror, fit with a beautifully shaded dark walnut finish, this mirror is made to stand out from the crowd. Bold charactered modern styling has made this mirror a bastion for increasing style and presence of beauty wherever this mirror may be hung.

Lyon Walnut

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