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Furnishing your home for the Technology of the Future

Technology is advancing at a massive rate, faster than we’ve ever seen before. With the increase in connected home appliances that make up a smart home, as well as bigger TVs and devices of which would have never been envisioned 10 or 20 odd years ago, it is important that our living room entertainment units are up to the job of offering a place to store and display our technology for this impending tech future.

At the front of this change in our homes will be the furniture we know as our entertainment cabinets, our TV stands and media & audio units. These will need to have the right amount of appropriate room to place our tech upon – from our virtual reality headsets to our Artificial Intelligence (AI) devices, to our smart home hubs and our wireless charging stations. Wireless and wired, this wide variety of devices, many of which we are yet to experience first hand, with many yet to even be released onto the market are set to turn our home setups upside down.

The average size of a living room TV has been increasing in size year on year, with more people opting for TVs of 49″ in size or above than the year prior. In 2016, it is predicted that 23% of global television unit sales will be 49″ or more – in 2010 this figure was a measly 7%. Meanwhile, those TVs that are sized between 40″-49″ are up 21% in 2016 from 32% of all sales in 2010 to 53% today – it is a true certainty that the screens we choose to display our favourite show upon are more prominent than ever.

With an increasing TV size, many of us might choose to opt into drilling our TV onto the wall in front of our sofa. This can be limiting if we’d like to display a mirror above it, a piece of artwork or if our home restricts against it however, thus we’d be required to look into other avenues. One of these avenues we can take is through buying a TV stand that will display our screen safely and strongly, an example of such stand is the Delaware Cream and Elm Wide Open TV Unit. At 146.5cm width, there’s enough room to display even a 50″ TV on the table surface of this stand. This Delaware Cream piece also offers a lot of area space free on the shelves underneath the main table, of which there are five of – and a drawer to accompany it. Whether you have a console or a few, or somewhere to situate your home router, this complimenting furniture piece has all the room you’d ever need for the technology of future and today.

Delaware Cream

TV Stands aside, our media and audio units are set to be dramatically transformed. Gone are the days of a home jukebox or a record machine perched up upon its stand, small wireless speakers and home sound systems are set to dominant that connect up to our devices via Bluetooth and WiFi. You won’t need to worry about these compact, but powerful devices that produce pure and deep sound taking up a lot of room on a shelf. Other devices such as Smart Hubs – which can be used for connecting a wide range of devices together, controlling the lights within your home, house security or changing the temperature on your thermostat and artificial intelligence devices, answering every question you ask of it both too will also be commonplace devices and turn the “media unit” into something completely different from a place in which we once stored CDs and video tapes.

A futuristic and classy looking media and audio unit that we offer a Frances Hunt is the Angelo Stone Painted and Oak Media Unit. This stylish furniture piece offers 2 drawers, a cupboard, two shelves and a surface table to top it off. Unlike many other units for sale on the market, this media unit has cable management holes predrilled through the back, for convenient and easy cable management.

Angelo Stone

It is safe to say that the furniture in our home is set to dramatically change as we continue to advance forward, with more wire-friendly units, as well as those with specific technology holding shelves that enable the safe withdrawing of heat from our devices. Other future furniture may see sockets such as USB ports embedded into the unit itself. Whatever the future brings, it is right that we have our homes ready for the present day.