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Should I get an ottoman bed or a bed with drawers?

Ottoman Bed vs Storage Bed

Beds take up a lot of room. It’s most likely the largest item of furniture in your bedroom. Whether you’re struggling for space in your bedroom or simply want to declutter your room of the visible storage compartments, buying a bed with built-in storage is a great way to minimise the number of bulky storage furniture in your bedroom to save on floor space.

Storage beds, no matter what type you get (ottoman beds or beds with drawers), are a great solution for those who have too much stuff in their room but not enough space. Or those who are looking to achieve a minimalist look – without having to throw out half your wardrobe! Or maybe you’ve decided that your bedroom would look so much bigger if you got rid of that chest of drawers? By reducing the amount of furniture that you have in your bedroom, not only are you creating more visual space but you are making the bedroom look cleaner and more elegant.

There are pros and cons to each storage bed type, but hopefully we can help you to reach the best choice for you.

Are you on a tight budget?

Ottomans tend to be more expensive than a bed with built-in storage drawers or sliding door access to the under-bed storage area. If, when you’re browsing ottoman beds, you feel as if they’re more expensive than your bed budget allows,  then perhaps consider a bed frame with drawers.

Will you need a lot of storage space?

Ottoman beds on average offer approximately 40% more space than a bed frame or divan bed with storage for the same footprint. If you have larger items to store, this will be an easier task with an ottoman bed, as you have access to the entire area beneath the mattress without it being divided into drawers. You could however insert boxes or crates inside the ottoman bed to help you organise your items, and still be able to view them all at a glance without having to rummage through different drawers. Ottoman beds are definitely the best solution for those looking to get the most storage capacity for the footprint of their bed.

Do you want the storage space to look hidden?

Some people just don’t like the aesthetic of drawers or handles on their divan base, and that’s okay. Ottoman beds are very discreet as, when they’re closed, you can’t tell that the mattress even lifts up. It just looks like a normal bed. But there are also plenty of hidden options for storage divans and bed frames with drawers beneath too, with discreet handles or push-click mechanisms to open them. Some even feature removable panels instead of actual drawers, so you can pop open the panel and place your items beneath or buy drawers separately to slide beneath the bed and then cover them back up with the panels.

Is your bedroom quite small?

If you have a tiny bedroom that gives you just enough room to walk around the bed, then obviously drawers are going to be quite inconvenient to pull open. In this case, an ottoman bed might be your best solution as they lift up vertically and don’t pull out horizontally.

Will you frequently need to move the bed?

Whether you will frequently need to move the bed to dust beneath or you just like moving things around the room every now and again, moving a bed that’s full of heavy items can be challenging. Thankfully, many storage beds in both ottoman or built-in drawers designs can be sat on wheels, making the bed far easier to push around the room when you need to. Alternatively, you may also want to consider separate under-bed drawers instead of a storage bed. These will allow you to remove the drawers from beneath and move them out of the way so that you can move the bed how you usually would, without it holding all the weight of the stored items beneath.