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What is a Trundle Bed?

Trundle Bed Action

A trundle bed (or truckle bed) is a part of a guest bed. The trundle bed itself is usually considered to be the part of the guest bed which lies underneath the twin bed frame, sliding out from underneath (usually on casters or rollers). Some trundle beds stay low to the ground, at the same height at which they are pulled out from beneath the twin bed, whereas others can be raised to the same level as the bed frame to reveal a larger guest bed. Trundle beds are extremely useful where space is limited, doubling the sleeping capacity in the space of a single bed, or for when unexpected guests come to stay. They are a common type of guest bed for a spare bedroom due to their space saving versatility, allowing for an extra bed to be available when necessary, with discreet storage when not in use.

In many cases, the mattress on the trundle bed is slightly thinner than a normal mattress to enable it to slide conveniently underneath the frame. As the trundle bed is stored beneath the guest bed, neither bed will have a box-spring and instead is supported more like a traditional bed frame. The lower bed may also be used for general storage if the mattress is removed, sliding out to reveal the storage compartment below (much like the divan beds with storage below).

Due to the floor height of most trundle beds, they are not recommended for those with back problems. They are, however, well suited for not just overnight house guests but children and teenagers sharing a small bedroom as an alternative to a bunk bed. Due to the lack of a box spring, memory foam mattresses offer more support than other types of mattresses and don’t need to be as thick either (usually between 8 to 10 inches) so they are well suited to trundle beds.

Trundle beds comes in all shapes and sizes including metal, wooden, upholstered, leather and more. They needn’t be cheap nor look out of place with the bedroom décor.

Trundle BedSome day beds feature a trundle bed beneath, allowing for a casual sofa-like appearance with the capacity to sleep two people. This a good solution for multi-purpose spare rooms, such as a home office.


Trundle BedSome designs of guest beds even have space for storage beneath the trundle bed itself, in the way of drawers. This means that not only can you sleep two people, but also have space for storage of bedding.


Trundle BedPop-up trundle beds gives you the option to raise the lower bed up to the same height as the upper bed, so you won’t have a guest sleeping at floor height. The trundle bed can be separated from the main bed so that they are not positioned together, or be placed side by side to create a larger bed.