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Building the Ultimate Home Office

building the ultimate home office

A home office can be a bastion for ideas and sophistication, a place to go and carry out your work without unnecessary clutter. What would have previously been called a study is in a new light seen as a home office. Each and every one of us deserve to find some space for a home office, you might just see your productivity surge.

In the past few years, offices within our homes have become more attractive and are said to be one way in which you can increase your properties value. So increase the happiness of your property, and yourself – invest in a home office.

1. Aesthetics: A home office needs the correct wall, floor and ceiling design to be comfortable to our eyes, especially if you’re to be spending hours of your day within the office. Light paint colours such as crème, white or light grey are all effective colour schemes within a home office environment.

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2. Surface-area: Depending on your workload, whether you are to be hosting your small business from this office or whether you’re simply to use it as a study location will depend on how much surface area you’ll require. Surface area is the table or desk used within a build. The table or desk used needs to be able to withstand enough weight for your technology and peripherals: a wide desk could slant in the middle for example if there’s not enough supporting it. Our range of home office desks can be seen here.

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3. The perfect chair: We don’t all have the room for a running machine desk, so instead we’ll have to go for the next best thing – a comfortable chair that won’t damage your posture or leave you feeling uncomfortable for the rest of the week. Ergonomic chairs may also come into play here, as they’re significantly stronger at looking after your posture. Leather chairs are more desired over fabric chairs if it comes to wanting something you can easily wipe down and tend to have a longer lasting life than their fabric counterparts. However, at the end of the day, the decision is down to you. Check out our range of office chairs here.

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4. Appropriate lighting: A office should not only have enough natural light projecting into the room (consider aligning the desk close to the window) but enough artificial light too: ready for those nights in which you may still be working hard into the dark. Lighting is important as it can both have a positive and negative effect on your health, too dark and your monitor may harm your eyesight. Too bright and you might come across reoccurring headaches. You could even spice up the atmosphere within your home office using colour changeable LED lights!

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5. Storage space: If the work that you set out may require additional space to store documents or files (paper-based files, that is) – you may need to invest in drawers, boxes or even a shelf that suits the theme of the office. Think about how much extra storage space you’ll need now and in the future. Does your desk have drawers and will that be enough? Check our range of bookcases out here for ideas.

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6. Decor: Your home office is another room of your home, so make it feel that way. Whether you’re a fan of indoor plants, novelty items or artwork, make your office feel as homely as the rest of the house would be. A room that you feel comfortable in, that isn’t shallow or plain, is a room your productivity will be at its best.

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