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How To Decorate Your Home For Valentine’s Day

How To Decorate for Valentine's Day

Whether you have a quiet night in booked for Valentine’s Day with that special someone or just want to come home to something romantic after a hot date at a classy new restaurant, make sure you set the right mood in your home. Even if your hot date is an extra large pizza as you cuddle up on the sofa for a rom-com marathon, follow our tips to create that perfect Valentine’s Day atmosphere!

Lighting is a crucial component. Too dark and you’ll struggle to see each other’s faces without squinting – not very romantic at all. Too bright and you risk feeling a little “observed” and judged under the harsh lighting. Nothing left to mystery. The dimmer the lighting, the more likely you are to lose your inhibitions and feel confident and comfortable just being yourselves in each other’s company. Nothing is more seductive.

Candle Lit Wine

The obvious choice for lighting is candles. There’s so much that can be done with candles. If you’re spending Valentine’s Day at home together, have dinner by candle light. Even if dinner consists of a takeaway in front of the telly, put a couple candles down on the coffee table. Candles can greatly enhance that intimate atmosphere you should be striving for on Valentine’s Day. That gentle, unpredictable flicker of the candles adds a touch of excitement and energy. You can use mirrors to reflect the soft lighting, perhaps by putting up a couple of angled mirrors behind a grouped display of candles or strategically placing candles near reflective surfaces. You could even arrange a candle lit water feature as a Valentine’s Day centrepiece. This could simply consist of a decorative bowl of water with floating tea lights and rose petals. You can also scatter the table with a few rose petals, but bear in mind that rose petals can get pretty messy to clear up if you use them too generously. But a light scattering on the table surface can set the perfect romantic tone for your dinner date at home.

If your romantic night in together will for the most part take place in the living room, you could consider buying a new plush blanket. Nothing feels better than cuddling beneath a warm, cosy blanket. Alternatively, just freshly launder and iron your favourite cosy blanket for the sofa snuggles. Christmas is well and truly over, but don’t you miss the Christmas lights already? Bringing out a couple of the soft fairy lights to drape around your living room will make the room look like something from a fairytale.

Valentine's Day Chocolates

Nothing says sexy quite like a bedroom that could rival a fancy 5* hotel room. Dress your bed with the sexiest of sheets; silk, satin, or anything else that you wouldn’t dare use for everyday bedding. Throw in a contrasting texture that feels equally luxurious, such as a fur blanket or fluffy cushions. Maybe even a velvet bed runner (if you have one just knocking about…). Read our tips on how to make the perfect bed if you’re not sure how to dress your bed like they would in a hotel.

Next you’ll want to test your curtains to make sure that they don’t let it any of the outside world when they’re closed. You want to get lost in your own fantasy world, not be distracted by the traffic or street lights outside. Even if you plan on being the only one in your bed tonight, there’s no shame in preparing a cosy bed to snuggle down in wearing your pyjamas as you feast on popcorn in front of the bedroom television.

And if you’re going to be posting Valentine’s Day selfies of you and your cat/s, make sure you do it in style. With cute kisses and rose petals, in a home decorated especially for the occasion! Valentine’s Day is often unapologetically cheesy, so don’t be afraid to use this opportunity to do those chessy things you would usually be too embarrassed to do. Just make sure you keep it personal, and remember why Valentine’s Day exists in the first place.


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