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8 Tips For Cleaning Mirrored Furniture

Tips for Cleaning Mirrored Furniture

Mirrored furniture is undeniably gorgeous. The reflective nature of a mirrored surface can add a touch of glitz and glamour to your boudoir, not forgetting the practical applications such as helping to make the room appear larger. However, bear in mind when you’re arranging your room that mirror obviously  reflects colour as well as light. You can partner mirror with a whole range of different colours and patterns for different looks and styles, using mirror and glass harmoniously (not excessively!) to keep surfaces looking clean and polished. Glass obviously also being a reflective surface, it can bring the same level of sparkle and shine to your room without demanding as much visual attention as mirrored furniture would. A combination of mirror and glass together can instantly glam up a space that’s missing that touch of je ne sais quoi.

Unfortunately, anything as sassy yet sophisticated as mirrored furniture can be a little high maintenance… As one would expect. Mirrored furniture demands a lot of TLC. From oily finger prints to smudges and spills, mirrored surfaces highlight every single flaw and imperfection. So it’s important to regularly clean your mirrored furniture. Here’s how!

Tips for Cleaning Mirrored Furniture #1

Make sure that you regularly dust your mirrored furniture with a soft microfibre cloth to prevent dust build-up and maintain that gleaming reflection. Even the slightest layer of dust can be enough to noticeably dull your furniture’s shine, as the mirror essentially doubles the visible layer of dust!

Tips for Cleaning Mirrored Furniture #2

Avoid dragging items across the mirrored surface as it may leave scrapes and scratches. Take care when arranging vases or other heavy items on the mirrored surface to gently lift and place them down.

Tips for Cleaning Mirrored Furniture #3

Mirrored furniture manufacturers always recommend keeping staining substances (such as hair dye, lotions, perfumes and alcohol) away from the surface. But let’s face it. If you have a mirrored dressing table, this is going to be where all those “staining substances” live. And even when you take special care not to let your cosmetics come into contact with the dressing table surface, unfortunately, more often than you would like, it does. The best solution is always immediate action. The odd spill every now and again is harmless, so long as you use a slightly dampened cloth to clean the spill as soon as it happens. However, if you leave the spill over a long period of time, even if it’s just water, it can cause a lasting stain on the mirror.

Tips for Cleaning Mirrored Furniture #4

Always use a non-solvent based glass cleaner when cleaning mirrored furniture, gently wiping the surface with a soft microfibre cloth. Rather than spraying any glass cleaner onto the furniture itself, instead spray the cloth. A white vinegar and water solution can help to maintain that perfect shine and remove any residual streaks and smears. Never use a general purpose cleaning spray, as this can dull the reflection of the mirror. You need something that is specifically suited to mirror and glass alike.

Tips for Cleaning Mirrored Furniture #5

When doing a thorough clean or performing any repairs or substitutions on mirrored furniture (such as switching handles or knobs), never over-tighten anything that screws in as it can be very easy to crack the glass. Tighten until it’s firm and there is no wobble. Once you reach that point, stop. Don’t attempt to squeeze it tight.

Tips for Cleaning Mirrored Furniture #6

Keep mirrored furniture away from high-traffic areas of your home where anyone may accidentally scrape against the furniture. Mirrored console tables are great at visually widening hallways but, if early morning rush tends to see multiple people squeezing past each other in the hallway, this illusion can cause people to scratch the mirror with their coat zip or bag while brushing past.

Tips for Cleaning Mirrored Furniture #7

Everyone knows that old housewife’s trick of using newspaper to clean mirror and glass. Well, guess what? It doesn’t really work as well as everyone thinks it does. At least, not anymore since traditional printing has changed. And tissue paper, paper towels, toilet paper and kitchen towels (whatever you use) is just pure laziness. What you should be using is a soft microfibre cloth, which you can pick up rather cheaply pretty much anywhere. Unlike tissue, they’re lint-free and do a great job of spotlessly cleaning any reflective surface. Make sure to select a flat “tight-weave” or “non-weave” microfibre cloth to prevent the cloth from collecting dust and spreading it over the surface when you’re cleaning.

Tips for Cleaning Mirrored Furniture #8

Once clean, inspect the mirrored surface from various angles so that the light can shine on any smears and smudges you may have missed. Otherwise it might look spotless from one angle, but the light may pick up surface smudges from another.

Happy Cleaning!

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