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Games Room Ideas for the Average Home

Games Room Ideas for the Average Home

Looking for games room ideas online is like watching a fashion show. All these big and bizarre designs, but eventually we’ll opt for the more “toned down” high street version due to lack of budget or bravery. Mostly budget. (And space. Not all of us have an MTV Cribs style basement that could house a large family…)

Creating the ultimate games room is easy when you have a budget of five figures or more. But how can the average Joe Bloggs put together a, not only functional but attractive, games room without having to break the bank? Whether you’re turning your attic into a games room, your basement, your garage, your conservatory, a spare bedroom or even your under-utilised dining room into a games room, hopefully these games room ideas will get you thinking realistically about what you can include in your own games room.

Small Games Room Ideas

When designing a residential games room, more than likely your games room is going to have a lot less floor space than the rooms you’ve been browsing on Pinterest or Google. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t pack a lot of punch into your small games room!

Small Games Room
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When you have a small games room, you need to make a few compromises… But don’t let that compromise be the range of activities that your games room offers ! With a little bit of creativity, you’d be surprised how many games you can actually fit into a tiny little room. Want some sort of games table but can’t decide between a pool table or air hockey? Ooh, tough decision… Why not both? Think you don’t have the room? Look for multi-game tables, where you can flip the table between pool or air hockey. Or even look into the different table top conversion kits, such as a table tennis to pool table conversion kit, that allows you to play more than one game on a full sized table that still looks the business.

In recent years, video games have become just as much a part of the games room as table football and a dart board. So, unless your games room will be exclusively catering to scotch-sipping gentlemen, you’re going to need a video gaming area. But with a small room, the only feasible way of fitting the TV is by having it wall mounted. You want as much off the floor as possible, to visually de-clutter the space and make the games room less cramped. That means thinking vertically with your storage too! Make the most of your walls by adding shelves to store all your games and consoles.

Video Games Room
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Once you start thinking vertically to maximise your floor space, you’ll find that suddenly you have room for loads of things. No room for a full bar? A floating counter top ledge with bar stools that can be pulled out from beneath give you and your friends somewhere to sit and chat with a drink, or simply sit and watch as you wait your turn.

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Other more general tips to make the room look larger including using reflective surfaces and bright or light colours on the walls.

Games Room Furniture and Decor Ideas

No games room is complete without the perfect furniture and décor to give your games room a unique personality. A focal wall or accent wall where with a mural or some sort of design is a great way to centralise a theme within your games room.

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The room’s use of lighting can help to set the tone of your games room. Bright, neon lighting displays can make your games room feel like a bar or arcade. Soft, warm lighting can give a more sophisticated gaming atmosphere.

If you have a bit more space, you could include a home bar to store drinks and snacks. At the very least, regardless of how much space you have, you should consider a mini fridge.

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If you need more seating in your games room aside from the couch, a long bar table behind the couch works splendidly. If you’re lacking the space for a sofa, bean bags provide a space-saving and fun alternative. And with bean bags available in all sorts of sizes, shapes and styles, from black leather to funky patterns, you’re bound to find that perfectly suits your games room. If you think you’ll even struggle with that a large, cosy, plush rug to sit down on amongst some scatter cushions would do just as well.

Chalkboard wall paint has become more popular in recent years. Especially in the games room, as it allows you to keep scores of all the games you’ve got going on directly on the wall! And all kids love to draw on the walls. Even the big kids. Even the big adult-sized kids.

Who needs a slide that leads down to the basement games room! With the right interior accessories and details, you can make your games room just as fun!

Different Types of Games Rooms

Your games room should be a reflection of your own interests and hobbies. Don’t deck your games room out like an arcade, just because that seems to be the trend these days, if that’s not the aesthetic that really appeals to you.

Secondly, you will also want to take into consideration who will be in the games room with you. If you have kids, you might want to make the games room a little more family-friendly. Even if you still want a more adult theme for when you have friends over, you can still include a Wii and a couple of family games suitable for children in the games room. Or physical games like Giant Connect 4 or Twister if you have young children, so that they don’t feel left out of the most appealing room in the house to them: the games room. If you are trying to encourage your teenager to hang out more at home with their friends, so that you know where they are in the evening, you need to make the games room a space that they won’t be embarrassed to invite their friends to. It needs to be cool, as well as entertaining.

If your games room is going to be a No Kids Zone and you’ll regularly have your friends come over for a drink and some games, maybe a clic clac sofa bed would come in handy to sleep your friends who aren’t going to be able to make it home at the end of the night…