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Mix & Match: How To Pull Off Mismatched Dining Chairs

Mismatched Dining Chairs

Mismatched dining chairs…

So easy to get wrong, but so satisfying to get right.

So how do you pull off mismatched dining chairs? There are countless ways to mix and match your chairs, and we’ve put together a simple guide to “rule of thumb” combinations to help you get it right.

If you’re struggling to get started, because you’re unsure where to start, many recommend that it’s easier to start with a table than it is with a chair, as everything has to fit at the height of the table. So find that perfect dining table to centre your chairs around – but keep in mind that you may not want the table to be the star of your show in your dining room! A transparent glass dining table is particularly effective at pushing focus onto the chairs, whilst still being super stylish.

TIP #1:
Make sure ALL chairs are comfortable to sit on. Don’t want any green-eyed monsters at your dinner party, eyeing up your cushions from their wooden stool…

You want to avoid your dining room looking like a student’s first flat, where mismatched chairs are a financial necessity and not a design choice. Thought needs to go into selecting the perfect chairs to make a statement in your home. Don’t neglect types of chairs that you wouldn’t necessarily expect in a dining room, such as arm chairs and tub chairs. Surprise your dinner guests! How eclectic (or eccentric!) you can be in your dining room furniture choices can depend on the rest of the dining room décor. The more minimal everything else is, the more mixing and matching you can get away with when it comes to the furniture. Otherwise it can result in a very cluttered, thematically confusing looking dining room that looks like the show room of a second hand shop. Unless, of course, you’re aiming for that bohemian “cabinet of curiosities” look. Then you’re free to go crazy!

TIP #2:
When everything stands out, nothing stands out.

10 Ways To Mismatch Dining Chairs

1) Same Chair, Different Colours…

Different Colour Mismatched Chairs Barletto Clear Glass Dining Table and Chairs

Using identical chairs in different colours, as part of a set or custom painted or upholstered, is an easy way to ensure that everyone sat at the table is sitting at the same height and are all equally comfortable. The different colours make a bold statement, but still looks tidy and uniform at the table.

2) Same Style, Different Chairs…

Country Style Mismatched Chairs Natalie Traditional Dining Chair • Consort Pine Dining Chair • Viola Traditional Dining Chair

If you prefer to take a very themed approach to your interior design and furnishings, then this combination of different chairs in the same style might be for you! Whether you’re going for a Victorian, contemporary, country or whatever look, you can mix and match same style chairs until your heart’s content! No having to decide which traditional dining chair you like the most for your table…


3) Play with Height…

Heights Mismatched ChairsHaycroft Aubergine Floral and Walnut Dining Chair • Sudbury Black Velvet Upholstered Dining Chair • Blaze White Faux Leather Dining Chair


Like at a Mad Hatter’s tea party, play with chair heights with tall wingback chairs, mid-chairs and stools or a bench! Just make sure that seat height is the same around the table. Nothing’s worse than sitting at the dining table and feeling like a child at a grown-up’s dinner party. Unless you’re really trying to cause Alice in Wonderland syndrome…


4) Same Chair, Mix and Match Upholstery…

Upholstered Mismatched ChairsSudbury Black Velvet Upholstered Dining Chair •  Seymour Mink Velvet Striped Fabric Dining Chair • Berkshire Mink Baroque Fabric Dining Chair • Seymour Charcoal Velvet Striped Fabric Dining Chair

Quirkier than simply having the same chair in different solid colours, you can try mix and match patterned upholstery for a bolder statement. The different patterns don’t have to belong to the same colour family; you are free to be as daring with colours and patterns as you wish! Or go for a subtler look…

5) Same Chair, Mismatch Colours and Patterns…

Upholstered & Solid Mismatched ChairsVendi Brown Jacquard Floral Fabric Dining Chair • Tenterden Lime Linen Fabric Dining Chairs • Haycroft Aubergine Fabric and Walnut Dining Chairs • Tenterden Lime Linen Fabric Dining Chairs

Perhaps combine #1 with #4 and mix and match solid colours with patterned upholstery. You could upholster the chairs yourself, or even dare to go with completely different chairs altogether!

6) The Vintage / Modern Contrast…

Different Style Mismatched ChairsHordon Brown Bonded Leather Dining Chair • Jazz Orange Faux Stacking Dining Chair • Pascal Black Wooden Dining Chair • Morgan Black Faux Leather Dining Chair

Contrast vintage with contemporary furniture for an adventurously daring dining room. This mismatched chair combination isn’t for everyone, but you can easily find a vintage/modern combination that works for you by picking out a single feature that all the chairs could share regardless of whether it’s modern or vintage. Maybe the same texture, or cross-back (X-back), or even just the same colour.

7) Same Colour, Mix and Match Chairs…

Same Colour Mismatched ChairsKeeler Red Dining Chair • William Traditional Dining Chair • Ella Oak and Red Upholstered Dining Chair • Jazz Red Faux Stacking Dining Chair

A popular combination is to have a range of different chairs in the same colour. This is a great way to introduce a burst of accent colour into your dining room. You could paint the chairs yourself to match if you’re going for a very specific colour. Or if you’re going for quite a popular colour, such as black or white, then it’s easy enough to find chairs in that colour. You could even have mix and match chairs in the same wooden finish. Same colour, mix and match chairs create uniform in a very quirky way. It’s, at first glance, more subtle than all the same chairs in different colours.

8) Accent Chairs on the Ends…

Accent Mismatched ChairsAmerigo Antique Red Leather Arm Chair • Morgan Black Faux Leather Dining Chair

Using accent chairs at each end of the table creates balance and symmetry while also adding a pop of colour into the dining room. Those that sit at the ends of the dining table (or you can opt for just one end) tend to be the “head of the table“, or the most authoritative figure traditionally. So your choice in accent chair could also act as a tongue-in-cheek play at that. If your dining set is lacking a chair or two, instead of buying a couple more matching dining chairs as add-ons, why not get a couple of different accent chairs!

9) Monochromatic Mismatch…

Mismatched Dining ChairsMursley Oak Dining Table and Chairs

If you want to subtly bring in different colours to your dining set without being too bold, you can use a monochromatic colour scheme or add a little depth with mid-tones and neutrals.

10) Bench on One Side…

Bench and Dining ChairsMurray Solid Oak and Granite Large Dining Table and Chairs

Benches at the dining table are becoming increasingly popular. You can pair a bench with matching chairs or mismatched chairs, and decide whether you want the bench to match the chairs at all! You can even have the bench upholstered for extra comfort.

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