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How To Decorate A Conservatory

For houses that are lucky enough to have a conservatory facing their back garden or patio, it can be difficult to decide how to decorate and furnish it to make the most out of the space without it feeling like an awkward, mismatched extension of your home.

Conservatory Furniture

How you furnish your conservatory will obviously depend on how you would like the room to be used and, of course, its size. Will it be used as a dining room, a sun room or maybe even a play room for your children? Maybe even a combination of the above, making the conservatory a multi-purpose family room. You will also need to think about the atmosphere you are trying to create in your conservatory. Will it be a formal dining area to entertain dinner guests, or a relaxing lounge area complete with a sofa suite and coffee table? You could include a lounge area with a casual dining section, perhaps with a small bistro set to give your conservatory a Parisian feel with light, metal frame table and chairs that could also be brought out into the garden on hot, Summer days.

Conservatory Furniture

Your conservatory should bridge the outdoor world with the indoor one, creating a seamless transition between your home and garden using a blend of indoor and outdoor furniture and décor. Therefore, it is crucial to take into account the style and atmosphere of the garden itself and how it will act as a backdrop for your conservatory. If you have a beautiful and well cared for garden, your conservatory is a great way to show it off throughout all seasons of the year. Use light colours and upholstery to push the visual focus outside of the conservatory and onto the garden, with a few accent pieces to complement the outdoor views and accentuate the colours of your garden using decorative accessories or statement furniture like an accent chair.

You can also keep furniture height quite low to add more visual height to the conservatory and ensure that the view of your garden isn’t blocked by furniture. From the entrance into your conservatory to the entrance into your garden, you want a clear, unblocked view and path through your conservatory. Avoid labyrinths of furniture that you have solve to get from one side of the room to the other. By incorporating garden themes into your conservatory, and placing focus on emphasising the beauty of your garden, you are able to enjoy the sights and surroundings of your garden whilst enjoying the comforts of being indoors. So you can make the most out of your garden, even when it’s wet and windy outside.

Contemporary Furniture

When selecting seating for your conservatory, regardless of the type of seating, you need to keep conservatory furniture light and non-bulky. Leather sofas don’t tend to do so well when exposed to direct sunlight, and are too hot and heavy for a conservatory room. Rattan furniture is a popular choice for conservatory furniture as rattan is extremely versatile, in that its aesthetic suits both outdoor and indoor environments and both rustic and contemporary designs. They can provide relaxed lounge seating or can be used for more formal dining looks.

Expect sunlight to pour into the conservatory, so consider blinds for the windows and how they will match the furniture. Ideally, your furniture should be fade resistant, which is why light and breezy cottons and linens do so well. Avoid heavy fabrics that can make the room look less airy. Any heavy fabrics or darker colours should be closer to the ground. A thick, plush rug will help to warm the conservatory, so tiled floors do not feel so cold to the touch, but still keep the overall feeling of the room light. A “grassy rug” that imitates the look of grass but feels and is a rug will keep the room feeling outdoors-y.

You can add a couple of glass elements to the inside of your conservatory for a more contemporary look if you feel that the room is looking too rustic for your preference. Perhaps a glass coffee table, glass dining table or shelving. The transparency of these conservatory furniture pieces will make the space feel larger and also complement the glass walls and ceiling. The addition of coloured glassware can also add a playful sense of whimsy.

Indoor Garden

Conservatory Furniture

Think of your conservatory as an indoor garden. A way to soften the transition between your house and your garden is to introduce plant life into your home through the conservatory. A few well-placed plants effectively bridge the gap between indoors and outdoors. Select your indoor plants carefully as your conservative may act as a greenhouse and the sunlight may be too harsh for certain plants to thrive. Large plants or tall plants can sit in empty corners of the room, or you can use hanging plants for a bit more visual interest. Natural finishes look great paired with plants and flowers, if not rattan then perhaps oak, maple, pine or whatever wooden furniture tickles your fancy.

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