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What is an Accent Chair?

Adding an accent chair to a room can immediately (and dramatically) change the statement of the room, making them a popular furniture addition. You may even accidentally acquire one during a spontaneous wander through your local shopping centre or mall, or from browsing online. That’s the great thing about accent chairs: often times, a single one will just do. If you absolutely love it and you must have it, then you can. Without having to deliberate much about whether it perfectly matches your existing furniture in style or colour.

Blue Bedroom Accent ChairWisconsin Upholstered Bedroom Chair

So what is an accent chair? An accent chair is used to add visual interest in a room. Whether it’s the living room, the bedroom or even the hallway. As they are a solitary piece (as in, unlike your sofa and dining chairs, shouldn’t be purchased as a matching set – though you may purchase two in some cases for symmetry purposes), you can afford to spend a little more than you usually would on the single item of furniture. As you would a work of art that really resonates with you.

Accent chairs usually say something about your personality, so you can have a little fun with them to really emphasise who you are. They can be a little off-beat in the room, perhaps even noticeably extravagant. And, like an eccentric guest who becomes the life of your party, they can tie the rest of the room together whilst dominating the attention and capturing the interest of those in the room. Bold patterns or the use of an accent colour is encouraged, and can be used to blend or extend your colour scheme. They should complement the colours in the room, but not necessarily match them.

How To Choose An Accent Chair

Accent Tub Chairs
Carey Teal Striped Tub Chair • Herschel Antique Red Leather Tub Chair

The type of accent chair you choose will of course depend on where in your home the accent chair is placed and the existing theme of the room. In the living room, for example, the accent chair will need to set itself apart from the sofa set so its location in the room will require careful consideration. Strategically placing it in the corner or beneath the window next to a side table can create an extra seating area if you have the space for it. It can be a cosy place to relax with a good crossword puzzle or book. Having it haphazardly placed next to your matching sofa set will throw off the balance and cause the accent chair to look as if you simply ran out of seats for your guests and desperately stuck one in. Especially when you give no thought to your living room composition.

When choosing an accent chair for the bedroom, you also need to ask yourself how the chair will be used. For those looking to add an air of luxury to their bedroom, a chaise longue provides an elegant touch with the added benefit of still being functional as a relaxing bedroom chair (or somewhere to not-so-elegantly drape your clothes and handbag after a hard day at work… We all do it!).

Remember that accent chairs should be both fabulous and functional. Large, heavy accent chairs (such as armchairs or tub chairs) can restore the spacial balance in a large room and will unlikely ever move its position due to it serving its purpose as is. If you require an occasional chair, find one that is light and can confidently carry its own style wherever it goes and whenever you just need that extra seat.

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