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Types of Bunk Beds and Loft Beds

Whatever your reason for needing a bunk bed, there are a range of different styles and types of bunk beds. The two most common materials for bunk bed frames tend to be wooden and metal.

Standard Bunk Bed

Bunk Bed

Barcelona Pine Bunk Bed

A standard bunk bed will normally consist of two twin beds with one stacked atop the other. The twin bunk beds have a structure that usually allows both bunks to detach to be used as two identical twin beds that can both be placed on the floor should you no longer need a bunk bed. Bunk beds like this are a great solution for when you have two children sharing a room, but one will be moving out or going to university soon so in future you will only need a single bed. Rather than replacing the bed entirely, you can simply remove the top bunk.

Standard Loft Bed

Loft Bed

Bedsitter Kids Bunk Bed

A standard loft bed only has one mattress on the top bunk, with floor space below which can be used for storage, a play area, a study area or just to create more open space within the room. It’s a great solution for small bedrooms that require all the floor space it can get. Many loft beds even have built-in storage space or desk space beneath the top bunk.

Triple Bunk Bed

Triple Bunk Bed

Chelsea Bunk Bed

Triple bunk beds are less of a common sight in family homes, and are more popular with dormitories, ships and prisons where floorspace is limited and the room needs to fit a number of people. It features three twin beds on top of each other. Though 3-tier bunk beds are less common, there is still a wide range of triple bunk beds on the market to suit both children and adults alike.

Triple Loft Bed

Triple Loft Bed

Bedsitter Kids Bunk Bed

Triple loft beds can sleep up to three people and feature a standard bunk bed with another loft bed attached perpendicularly to the structure, allowing for more storage space and floor space beneath the loft bed.

Twin Over Full Bunk Bed

Twin Over Full Bunk Bed

Oslo Three-Sleeper Silver Bunk Bed

A twin over full bunk bed is a twin bed on the top bunk with a full double bunk bed on the lower bunk. Taking up the same amount of floor space as a double bed, the twin bed on top makes the room look visually larger than it would with a double bed on both levels.

Futon Bunk Bed

Futon Bunk Bed

Savannah Twin Over Futon

A futon bunk bed is similar to a standard bunk bed with the only difference being that instead of a second mattress on the lower bunk, there is a futon. The futon on the lower level can act as a futon sofa or be quickly transformed into a second bed should you need it. Perfect for older children who may share a room, as they can both use the lower futon as a sofa for watching TV or playing video games together or with their friends.

Trundle Bunk Bed

Bunk Bed with Trundle

Bunk Beds Twin Stairway

A trundle bunk bed allows for a third mattress bed usually on casters, which can be pulled out from beneath the lower bunk. Perfect for sleepovers, the third mattress can be completely hidden away from sight when not in use. Bunk beds with trundles can work with twin bunk beds and double bunk beds

L-Shaped Bunk Bed

L-Shaped Bunk Bed

Berg Sierra Bunk Bed

L-Shaped bunk beds are quite visually unique, and many incorporate storage solutions either side of the lower bed which faces outward from the bunk bed structure. Due to the lower bed extending outward, sleeping in the lower bed can feel less claustrophobic.

Mid Sleeper Loft Bed / Cabin Bed

Mid Sleeper Loft Bed

Sleep Station Kids Bunk Bed

The top bunk of a mid sleeper is lower than that of a typical bunk bed or loft bed. The space beneath can be used for storage and even include built-in cupboards or shelving

Play Tower Bed

Play Tower Bed

Kids Loft Panel Bed

A play tower bed is a fun alternative to a regular loft bed for children as it can incorporate many imaginative themes, doubling as a bedroom play structure. Some feature a slide from the top bunk for more adventurous children or can even be used as a playhouse with a canopy and windows.

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