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How To Create A Transport Themed Kids Bedroom

Lots of kids love vehicles. It’s not rare to see a little boy carrying around a toy car or pushing about a fire truck, which is why for a lot of children a transport themed bedroom would be perfect. From trains to helicopters and cars, there’s plenty of different modes of transport which can be included to create a unique and tailored experience for your child. A transport themed bedroom can be the perfect way to tap further into your child’s imagination, and create a fun and safe environment for them to grow up in. However, finding transport themed furniture isn’t always easy, which is why we have created a how-to guide on creating a perfectly themed transport bedroom for your child.


The Perfect Display


Reading with your child is arguably the most precious bonding time you have together. Books create special memories and are often prised possessions, which is why it is important that they are kept safe. This hand painted Transport Themed Bookcase is the perfect place to store and display your child’s books, with the decor making it a fun addition to their bedroom. As well as shelves to showcase your child’s favourite books, this bookcase also includes a drawer to store away any little bits and bobs that need a home. From helicopters to trains and trucks, this bookcase has it all.

Tidying Up Doesn’t Have To Be A Chore

Tidying away after playtime can sometimes be made a difficult task. This hand painted Fire Truck Toy Box makes tidy up time fun! By being on wheels, this Toy Box transforms cleaning away in to an enjoyable exercise, allowing your child to dive into their imagination whilst putting all of their toys away. Perfect for any little vehicle lover, and undoubtedly a great addition to your child’s transport themed bedroom.

The Journey To A Good Night’s Sleep

All aboard! First stop, Sleepy Town! This superbly sweet Red Bus Kids Bunk Bed is the perfect place for your vehicle lover to rest their tired head at night. Being a Bunk Bed, this little bus would be perfect for a bedroom share, but is still great fun for one. The bed comes with an¬†Aluminium Ladder to travel from one bunk to another, and fitted mattresses are also available, tailored to the perfect size. We’ll take a return¬†ticket please!

There’s Always Time For A Pit Stop

When you’re young, all that playing can sometimes become tiring. Having a chair in your child’s bedroom gives them the perfect place to sit comfortably and have a rest, without having to mess up the bed covers which you’d only just perfectly arranged a few hours earlier. This Transport Kids Time Out Chair provides an ideal place for your own little driver to rest during play time, and can even double up as the perfect spot for you to ask them to sit and calm down in when they’re being a little bit mischievous.

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