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How To Create A Bedroom Fit For A Princess

When you’re a little girl, the concept of being a Princess is really exciting. As our daughters grow up, we read them story after story about beautiful princesses growing up in their luxury castles, before finding their Prince Charming and continuing to live happily ever after. We all love our own little Princesses. We want them to be as happy as they can be and feel extra special. Creating a Princess themed bedroom can be the perfect way to treat your Princess like royalty, and it makes an incredibly exciting surprise bedroom makeover! Spending hours searching for the perfect furniture and decor can be a chore and sometimes takes the excitement away from decorating, which is why we have made a guide to creating a bedroom fit for a princess for you. So for now you can sit back, relax and think about hours of fun your daughter will have playing in her own special castle.

A Bed Fit For Royalty

We all know how important it is for Princesses to get their beauty sleep. Could there be a more perfect way to get them in to bed on time? If bed time is usually a chore and comes with complications, you can bet the tables are about to turn. This gorgeous 4 Poster Bed looks exactly like something from a Disney Princess movie, and the floor-length drapes give it a royal feel to make your little one feel extra-important. Move over Sleeping Beauty, there’s a new Princess in town.

Princess Preparation


Getting ready at the beginning of the day can sometimes be a bit of a task, especially when it involves early mornings and children. This Princess Dressing Table Set is designed with royalty in mind, hand decorated to perfection with a beautiful floral design. Creating a perfect space for your future queen to get ready in the morning, the dressing table also leaves an ideal place to store the hair brushes, hair ties etc that always seem to go missing. This Dressing Table also comes with a built in mirror and matching stall. What more could you ask for?

Upcoming Queens Need Playtime Too

Your child’s bedroom is their own space to play in and call their own. Sometimes having masses of toys can become a little overwhelming and messy, and let’s not forget the task of convincing them to clean away the stacks of toys when they’ve finished playing. This dainty Toy Box with a hand painted finish can make tidying away easy. Instead of having to put away toys in several different drawers and cupboards, they have their own prettily decorated storage space. This Toy Box is sure to be a hit with any child.

Every Princess Needs A Throne

What’s a ruler without a throne? This pretty Princess Rocking Chair with a hand painted finish is perfect for story time, and it even has its own perfectly placed crown! If you don’t feel like reading stories with your child while they sit in their throne is enough to get them excited, imagine the games they can play as their imaginations run wild. I heard dads make good jesters these days you know…

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