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Breakfast Statistics: Death of the Breakfast Table?

Breakfast Table Statistics

Sitting at the breakfast table is such a traditional family concept, bringing about images of smiling faces hovering over bowls of cereal. Conventions from a bygone era perhaps? In reality, apparently 6 out of 10 meals are eaten in front of the TV these days, meaning that millions of households are slumming it on the sofa to enjoy the company of pixelated strangers on the screen rather than each other’s. One third of us who watch TV while we eat don’t even bother to engage in conversation with who we are dining with, instead tucking into our meal no differently as to if we were alone.

But what about breakfast? Surely breakfast is different!

Breakfast Statistics 2015

The UK’s favourite breakfast is a cooked one (though that doesn’t mean that that’s what you’ll get!), followed by porridge, cereal and toast. However, the breakfast that we are most likely to end up eating is wholegrain cereal (37%), toast with spread (32%) and porridge (27%).

The average person in the UK will sit down to breakfast at 7:31am on weekday mornings and 8:25am during the weekend. Despite common assumption, the UK still prefers to eat breakfast at the breakfast table, alone or with other household members. The sofa, as you could probably guess, is the second most popular place to eat breakfast at home.

However, there is definitely a growing trend toward eating breakfast outside of our own home. With so many fast food restaurants serving breakfasts, or breakfasts-to-go bought at corner shops for convenience, it seems we’re all too busy in the morning to enjoy the morning at our breakfast table.

In fact, a quarter of the UK admit to skipping breakfast entirely at least once a week, with 13% stating that they never eat breakfast at all! 29% of women who admit to skipping breakfast say it’s because they are too busy getting ready and breakfast is less of a priority.

According to “quirky breakfast facts” by Shake Your Wake Up:

Scientists have uncovered that there is a statistical relationship between a person’s character, lifestyle and social class and how they like their eggs….

  • Can’t say no to a poached egg?
    You are outgoing, listen to upbeat music and have happy dispositions.
  • Love a boiled egg?
    You are apparently disorganised.
  • Like your eggs fried in the morning?
    You have a high sex drive.
  • Do you scramble yours?
    You tend to be more guarded.
  • Prefer a nice omelette?
    You are self-disciplined.

Well, I can’t say much about the credibility of this “scientific study” – so I’ll leave you to judge for yourself…

Death of the Breakfast Table?

Despite breakfast being regarded as the most important meal of the day, it’s astonishing how many of us actually skip it completely. And even when do we do eat at home, we opt for a TV as a breakfast companion rather than other members of the household. According to the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT), when compared to breakfast-eaters, breakfast-skippers tend to have other unhealthy dietary habits such as consuming high calorie snacks throughout the day as well as more sugary drinks, and therefore also have a tendency to weigh more on average than breakfast-eaters. Completely contradicting the reason why many people choose to skip breakfast in the first place – to lose weight.

Breakfast is an extremely fundamental part of your daily diet, and we think it’s due for a comeback. The difficulty is making breakfast more convenient for the modern day lifestyle, and fitting it back into the daily family routine. This will also encourage families to enjoy morning conversation together as they mentally (and physically!) prepare for the day ahead of them.

Having a breakfast table, a small table situated in the corner of the kitchen perhaps, can help to make breakfast time more appealing and improve the household’s breakfast discipline. Keeping a bowl of fruit or other healthy snacks in the centre of the breakfast table will also enable your family to quickly grab a snack during the day without foraging through the cupboards for food and selecting the crisps and biscuits instead. It’s all about making the healthier option more easily available!

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