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What is a Mud Room?

If you’ve wandered over here from Google or Bing, chances are that you were looking at ideas on how to decorate your home until… you stumbled upon the word mud room and found yourself asking Google (or Bing) “What is a mud room?”. It doesn’t immediately seem obvious. Is it a room in which you get muddy in? Nope. Is it another name for a green house conservatory? No again.

So what is a mud room?

A mud room (or mudroom) is a sort of entry room that separates the indoors and the outdoors. Its primary job is to keep the mud out. Usually, the mud room is where you will take off your shoes and hang up your coat, leaving the outdoor world behind when you enter your home. The term “mud room” is definitely more popular in the US, but it seems to becoming more and more of a thing over here in the UK. Of course, the concept of mud rooms already existed but we’ve never really called them mud rooms…. They’re either a utility room toward the back of the house, or the front porch conservatory thing where the postman drops the mail through the letterbox, with glass windows on all sides and a second front door that actually leads into your home.

In bigger houses, mud rooms are usually the utility rooms found at the back of the house, where you’ll also find the washing machine, sink, drier, and a back door to the garden. But mud rooms can be at any entrance. Many smaller houses in the UK feature a front porch conservatory:

Front Porch Conservatory

Front porch conservatories make great mud rooms! Don’t let the size fool you, they can certainly fulfil their purpose and look great doing it!

Mud Room Ideas

Due to the nature of a mud room, you will want floors that are easy to clean. Whatever you to choose for the floor of your mud room, you do not want the floor to be carpeted.

Storage space is an important aspect of any mud room. You need to consider how you would like to store your outdoor clothing and shoes. Maybe a shoe rack for your boots and shoes. And for your coats and jackets, you could have a coat rack for them, or hooks to hang them on or, depending on space, you could even have a coat closet. And what about bags, hat and scarves? Will you want to leave these in your mud room too? Maybe you’ll need some kind of table or shelf to store things like car keys or sun screen lotion?

Mud Rooms

If you ever forget to bring a shopping bag and hate having to take home another plastic carrier bag (that you didn’t need in the first place, just to stuff it with the others inside another bag in your kitchen when you get home), keeping your dedicated shopping bag/s in the mud room can be a great reminder every time you go out to take it with you!

A very popular item of the mud room is some sort of seating space, like a chair or a small bench where you can sit as you put on or take off your shoes.

A good mud room is designed to be useful in all weathers. In the UK, we’re pretty used to it being wet – even when it’s sunny outside! Preparing for wet coats and shoes is a must. You could have a drying rack that can be opened to dry off wet coats and scarves, maybe even some kind of bucket for umbrellas. There’s this great idea of filling a tray or lining the bottom of a shoe rack with pebbles so that wet shoes can drain more effectively through the pebbles.

Mud Room Ideas

Don’t forget that the mud room is supposed to be a transitional space between indoor and outdoor environments. Indoor plants are quite popular forms of mud room decoration, as they reinforce that “bridging” of the indoors and outdoors. Especially when you are using a front porch conservatory as your mud room, as the big windows shine light into the mud room and prepare you for the weather outside before you’ve even left the house.

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