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How To Care For Marble Furniture

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Classy, elegant, timeless… All words that commonly describe the natural beauty of marble and its many applications in interior design. Many assume that marble furniture is restricted to the rich and famous, a lavish accessory to an already plush home, but this is simply not the case anymore. Yes, there is still quite an air of luxury to owning a marble dining table,  but you don’t need to be friends with Brangelina to have one. And, because of this, we with less affluent lifestyles need to know how to protect and care for our hard-earned marble furniture. Not all of us have paid help to continuously wipe our crumbs as they fall…

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How To Care For Marble Furniture

Marble is a soft stone, susceptible to all sorts of accidental damage and daily wear and tear. Even Frances Hunt marble furniture, manufactured to ensure maximum durability, requires regular care and maintenance to keep it in as pristine a condition as possible. Marble surfaces should be wiped down daily with a warm, damp cloth to prevent any spillages from causing permanent staining or discolouration to the marble. Moist substances accidentally spilled or sprayed onto the marble should be wiped down immediately – even if it is just a bit of water. And whatever you do, do not use general surface cleaning products – you want something that’s specifically designed to used with marble surfaces. If your marble furniture has a lacquered finish, like ours do, you’ll also want to avoid waxes and polishes as these may react with the lacquer.

Glasses, cups and mugs can leave unpleasant rings on a marble surface so coasters are recommended. Similarly, place mats beneath hot plates on marble dinner tables will prevent markings. You may even want to consider protective pads beneath heavy ornaments to prevent scratching. It might seem to some that this counteracts the point of having marble top furniture at all. And yes, if you were hiding your marble dining table away beneath a table cloth, that may well be the case. But, as for coasters and table mats, just think of them like adorning a beautiful woman in jewellery. A good set of matching table mats and coasters can be used to draw further attention to the marble surface, using complementary colours to set a unique appearance.

But, having said all that, with a little bit of care marble furniture can last for many generations and is actually quite a durable, natural stone. Taking care of your marble furniture now means that you will be able to pass it down as a family heirloom in future, and it could last for generations without losing its naturally sophisticated aesthetic. Marble furniture is timeless and dates back centuries. It’s a true classic that is guaranteed to still be appreciated for decades to come; the perfect family heirloom that only becomes more valuable with time. And because of the varying nature of marble’s texture and veins, every marble product is different, and its this unique feature that provides the product with it’s very own signature of authenticity, much like a finger print.

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What Makes Frances Hunt Marble Furniture So Durable?

Our marble furniture ranges have a high gloss protection layer that ensures resistance to stains (even from acidic food and wines) and UV light (even in strong sunlight) to avoid any unattractive marble discolouration. Our marble furniture is then finished with a durable lacquer to protect the soft surface of the stone from scratches.

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  1. We have a lacquered marble coffee table and there are areas which are dull. How can we restore the beauty of this table?