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5 Reasons Why You Need A Dressing Table

Reasons Why You Need a Dressing Table

Image: Dressing Tables

1) You’re sick of applying your make-up on the bus or train.

It’s no longer an uncommon sight. Women are becoming more and more adept at applying their make-up whilst riding the bus or the train to work. The one thing that many of these women have in common (other than their extremely steady hand)? That pained look on their face at the slightest bump, as they carefully touch up that eyeliner smudge. Not only that, but the entire time there seems to be this impatience to just get it over and done with so that they can put their make-up bag away and relax. Who can blame them? Of course you would want to rush it; it’s not exactly an enjoyable activity! But it should be. Sure, it might mean losing a few of those extra, precious minutes in bed. But readying yourself in front of a proper vanity mirror is far less stressful an experience than having to time your eyeliner application with the least bumpy part of your journey. Beautifying yourself in the morning should be your time to chill out and prepare mentally for the day ahead of you.

Beech Dressing Tables

Image: Beech Dressing Tables

2) You’re constantly losing your cosmetics.

There are dressing tables to suit everyone, no matter how small or large your make-up collection. Whether you need multiple drawers to store all your lotions and potions and box sets, or you just need a simple box or tray to store your everyday essentials on top of your dresser. A dressing table is great for organising all of your beauty products within reach for when you’re sitting in front of your mirror going through your beauty routine. No more hunting through multiple make-up bags to find your tweezers or your special mascara. No more running to the bathroom to grab your hair products. Everything you need should be at hand, so all you have to do is just sit down and make yourself look stunning for the day ahead of you.

Oak Dressing Tables

Image: Oak Dressing Tables

3) You have a big bedroom, but everything ends up on the floor.

Dressing tables aren’t just a space to get ready. They are a storage solution, and extra surface to put all those things that may otherwise clutter your bedside table or end up on the floor. Books, magazines, glass of water. Dressing tables come with a vast range of storage options, from drawers to shelves to cabinets. There are so many to choose from that can serve multiple purposes. Though console dressing tables are popular for smaller bedrooms as they take up very little floor space and often don’t provide any extra storage space, large dressing tables are still a very popular choice for most bedrooms. You can get both single and double pedestal dressing tables, that may include one or two drawers on each side or multiple drawer compartments that reach the floor. They may be deep drawers, so that you can store larger items, or a larger number of shallow drawers enabling you to organise lots of smaller items. Perhaps your dressing table doesn’t have drawers, but has cupboards. There are numerous variations of multi-functional dressing tables, you just need to ask yourself why you need a dressing table.

Black Dressing Tables

Image: Black Dressing Tables

4) You’ve always fancied yourself a glamorous starlet.

A once-popular daily routine has become outdated, old fashioned, only for the glamorous who have the time to doll themselves up. We’ve all become far too busy, and the only reason that dressing tables are slowly becoming a thing of the past is that most simply don’t consider themselves worthy of such self-indulgent luxury. Dressing tables are seen as those family heirlooms, antique hand-me-downs from grandparents (much like the display china and bone cutlery), that look nice but seldom gets used. But there’s something incredibly relaxing about sitting in your bedroom, in front of a well-lit mirror, pampering yourself as you gaze upon your own gorgeous reflection. You just have to allow yourself that. Picture in your mind the glamour models who make themselves up in front of their dressing room mirror. What makes them so special? Putting on make up should be fun, and it should make you feel like a star.

Pine Dressing Tables

Image: Pine Dressing Tables

5) You don’t have your own personal space in your home.

This is the best reason of them all as to why you need a dressing table. If you have children who love to claim every surface of your home as their own, toys and clothes scattered around everywhere, a dressing table is the perfect place to keep all of your personal bits and bobs and have a space in your home that isn’t contaminated with children’s things. Just make sure that there’s nothing on your dressing table that’s going to be of interest to them. As bedrooms become increasingly more gender-neutral in design, dressing tables are often dismissed as feminine items of bedroom furniture but this doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. There are loads of modern dressing tables that come as part of a bedroom set to match everything from the wardrobe to the bedside tables.