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10 Creative Christmas Tree Ideas for Small Spaces

Giant sparkly Christmas trees are great. Nothing beats those big bushy branches of an authentic pine tree, beautifully adorned with fairy lights and Christmas decorations. Unfortunately most homes can’t lend the space to such big, natural Christmas trees. Once you add all the presents gathered at the foot of the tree, and all of your friends and family members that will undoubtedly be gracing your home throughout the holiday season.

Although there exists an abundance of artificial Christmas trees in various shapes, sizes and colours to suit your home, have you considered designing your own creative Christmas tree? There are plenty of creative Christmas tree ideas for small spaces to keep in theme with your own style of home decor without compromising too much space in your living room. You could even combine ideas for a unique Christmas tree that you can truly call your own. Think big when it comes to small spaces!

1) Christmas Tree from Sticks

Hanging Sticks Christmas Tree

This DIY Christmas tree made from sticks and twigs is simple, beautiful and creative. A modern yet humble touch to a living space, that is not glaring or obtrusive in any way but elegantly lights up a room. (You can find the tutorial here.)

2) Floating Christmas Tree

Floating Christmas Tree

Loving this floating Christmas tree made from baubles and various Christmas tree ornaments. For those that just don’t feel right about 2D Christmas trees, this floating Christmas tree can you give you the full size and height of a Christmas tree, which can be customised to fit your small space, without visually cramping the room. And presents can all fit beneath the floating tree!

3) Christmas Tree Shelves

Christmas Tree Shelves produced this wonderful example of how some simple wall shelving can come together to form the shape of a Christmas tree. A few Christmas tree ornaments and Christmas decorations placed or hung on the shelving, and you can make your Christmas tree as personalised or themed to the rest of the room as you want.

4) Framed Christmas Tree Art

Framed Christmas Tree Art

Want to keep your Christmas tree off of the floor? Wall-mounted Christmas trees are becoming increasingly popular and can make for a lovely family craft project. A new way to decorate the Christmas tree with your family! In this example, you can glue together various Christmas tree ornaments in the shape of a Christmas tree, and then frame it on your wall to increase attention toward it.

5) Christmas Light Tree

Christmas Light Tree

Who needs the tree when you have the fairy lights? After all, aren’t the fairy lights the best part of the Christmas tree? And the best thing about this is not only its stunning simplicity and the fact that you can put up a Christmas light tree anywhere in your home, but you can customise it how you wish with different patterns filling the Christmas light tree or just running the fairy lights around the outline of a Christmas tree. You can even choose the light colour to suit your colour scheme and lighting. Or be extra jazzy and use fairy lights with LEDs that pulsate through different colours.

6) Miniature Christmas Tree Ideas

Miniature Christmas Tree Ideas

The pictures above (courtesy of Sainsburys and DigsDigs) are a gorgeous example as to how you can keep the idea of a traditional Christmas tree, in all its natural plant-y glory, and just miniaturise it to fit on top of a coffee table or sideboard at home. Perfect Christmas tree idea for a small space! You can use a branch from a pine tree, arrange it in a vase and then decorate it how you would usually, to keep it still looking a little like a traditional Christmas tree or use any tree branch you like the size and shape of. It doesn’t need to resemble a pine tree! You could even dust it with some fake snow and the result is guaranteed to be absolutely fabulous.

7) Christmas Tree Bookcase

Christmas Tree Bookcase

If you have a bookcase or bookshelves in your living room or family social space, why not use it to incorporate a creative Christmas tree into. You might need to remove some of the existing books and things off the shelves and put into storage for a bit, but it would mean that you can have a marvellously creative Christmas tree without taking up any more space than usual. Just arrange books, Christmas tree ornaments and decorations and any other kind of fitting pieces (decorative or not) that you feel would contribute well to the Christmas tree. In the first example above, you can see that Juniper Books recycled old books to create their Christmas tree. Whilst the bookshelf Christmas tree found in Apartment Therapy cleverly uses typical bookshelf items to form the shape of a Christmas tree, with fairy lights and a couple additional decorative items to match. The artist Michael Johansson in the last example fits together a variety of different things to create the colours and shape of a Christmas tree within the bookcase without actually using anything Christmas-themed at all. Seemingly using his expert Tetris skills, Johansson was able to perfectly create the optical illusion of a Christmas tree.

8) Knitted / Crocheted Christmas Tree

Crochet Christmas Tree

If you’re one for knitting or crocheting, a knitted or crocheted Christmas tree can be a very unique and space-saving way to display a Christmas tree in your home this year! The first example looks very much like a traditional Christmas tree and you can use beads and pearls as baubles! For something a little different, you could dream up your very own candy-striped gingerbread Christmas tree (free pattern available here). Or perhaps knitting or crocheting a hanging Christmas tree which you can then pin different Christmas bits and bobs onto. The last example is also a lovely example that shows how you can even use metallic yarn or stitching to create fake fairy lights on your DIY Christmas tree (free pattern available here).

9) Christmas Tree Wall Hanging

Christmas Tree Wall Hangings

These Christmas Tree wall hangings by Betsy Benn are an effective way of hanging a Christmas Tree on your wall without compromising any floor space at all. Could this be the ultimate solution for small spaces? Complete with lighting behind the Christmas tree wall hanging to give that necessary Christmas sparkle to the living room of course. And again you can even pin your own Christmas decorations onto the wall hanging, and there are a wide range of different Christmas tree wall hangings out there for you to choose from. From realistic images of pine trees to more contemporary Christmas tree designs in various styles to suit your home. When not in use, all you have to do is roll or fold up the wall hanging and store it away!

10) Christmas Tree Wall Decal

Christmas Tree Wall Decals

Christmas tree wall decals seem to be at the height of contemporary Christmas trendiness this season. Unlike wall hangings, Christmas tree wall decals can be applied directly to your wall, leaving a flat image that can fit your small space nicely without clashing with your wall paint or surrounding decor. You can opt for a traditional pine tree, a solid-colour pine tree in funky colours (even “chalkboard paint” so you can doodle on your own creative Christmas tree decorations) or even some awesomely futuristic Christmas tree designs or any other interesting and unique Christmas tree wall decal that suits both your personality and your home.

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