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Imaginative Kids Bedroom Ideas for Imaginative Kids

It’s important to remember that a child’s bedroom usually always serves as a playroom too. We can tidy the room and decorate it in preparation for their teenage era, years ahead of them actually getting to that age, in hopes that we are “future-proofing” the space to save time and money later on. But the likelihood is that your young child isn’t going to appreciate the sentiment. And will most likely complain that the room is still too “childish” when they hit a certain age anyway.

Children need a space to call their own, where they can let their imagination run wild and keep their mind and body active. When presented with a bland bedroom that replicates the dull decor of a cheap hotel room, of course they’re going to want to clutter the place up with toys and mess – to make the space their own.

Think about themes!

A bedroom has to be befitting of the child’s own personal taste. A place of wonder and adventure. Is there something that your kid is particularly obsessed with?

Pirates? Princesses? Animals?

Whatever their passions or interests, a space to match will further help to stimulate their sense of creativity simply just by being in it.

For example, a budding singer or actor may love a small corner of the room to be turned into a stage for their friends and family to watch them perform. This could be as easy and cost-effective as simply sectioning off a corner of their room with a curtain, and throwing down a couple of beanbags:

Creative Childrens Rooms

Or if you have a little extra money to spend, you could go all out restructuring the kids room to fit a particular theme. Down to the very last detail…

Choosing Kids Furniture

Usually, a child’s bed is not only just where they wake up in the morning and fall asleep at night, but it’s also where they sit and read or jump around or empty out their entire toy box…

But with the right kind of bed and a sprinkle of imagination, a bed can easily fit the bedroom’s theme!

Imaginative Childrens Beds

A Pirate Ship bed frame will allow your child to sail the seven seas in search of hidden treasure. And, might I add, at a rather low cost! A children’s Four Poster Canopy bed will quickly transform any little girl into a pretty little princess as she plays out her Princess and the Pea fairy tale fantasies as she climbs upon the mattress each night before bed. Or even a Red Racer Car bed frame is enough to excite any young motor enthusiasts! Whether you have the rest of the bedroom decorated to match (like in the impressive first bedroom example) or not, you could easily get your hands on one of those popular and timeless town map play mat.

Town Roads Map Kids Play Mat

Bunk beds aren’t only built for sharing. You may find that having a bunk bed in your kids room will allow for so much more floor space for other activities, as single bunk beds made to sleep one often incorporate practical storage space in the non-bedded bunk. The height of the bunk bed itself, though it may not seem very impressive to an adult, for children it is an impressive structure that towers above them and inspires adventure.

Children's Bunk Beds

Like in the white pine mid-sleeper bunk bed pictured above, the bottom bunks can commonly include several storage spaces such as drawers and shelves, as well as its own little desk. This keeps the floor space clear of any necessary but “boring” storage furniture, leaving room for the fun stuff!

The other child’s pine bunk bed pictured above features a play tent beneath the actual bed, allowing children to use the little hide-out space creatively. The little playhouse curtains with windows are removable and the desk pulls out from beneath the bed, allowing your child to grow with it. When they have outgrown the playhouse, they can remove the tent curtains and use the space for storage, whilst still being able to use the desk for more “big kid” activities.

Chalkboard Wall in kids room

Another fun idea for children’s room, that will really get their imagination going, is chalkboard paint! Which lucky for you, we have an entire article about the decorative uses of chalkboard paint!

As for the rest of the kids bedroom furniture?

Frances Hunt have a variety of different fun and imaginative

Children’s Bedroom Furniture!

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