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How To Create a Minimalist Home Office

Minimalist Home Office Ideas

Working from home is what most dream of when they’re sat at a desk in a stuffy office full of faces they can’t even put a name to. And though working from home may seem like a luxury to some, it too is not without its own set of burdens.

Home Office Furniture That Increases Your Productivity

Clutter is a stressful distraction so it is essential that you avoid a build up of unnecessary clutter surrounding your work space. It can be easy to get distracted by the little things going on in the background, and even more so if those distractions are sitting right in front of you on your desk. Desks need to be kept organised. Having simple and stylish storage shelf units in your home office helps to organise your files, books and other items office rooms are usually cluttered with. An organised desk is an organised mind.

Penzance Oak and Glass Office Furniture

Matching office furniture, such as the Penzance oak curved Bookcase and Penzance oak and glass computer desk pictured above, helps to minimise the subconsciously stressful effect of clashing colours and textures within your office, which can also prove to be a visual distraction. Minimalist home office design promotes clear thinking and productivity. When you’re shopping for computer desks and other office furniture, take care to find office furniture items that at least match somewhat in style, colour and texture if not in range. Choose only the absolutely necessary of furnitures, avoiding the urge to splash out on entire-wall-length-floor-to-ceiling bookcases that won’t be used and will just encourage even more unnecessary clutter to enter the room. Likewise, avoid more drawers and tables than you’ll actually practically need and so on.

Use Your Office Space Effectively

Minimalist Home Office Ideas

By eradicating all superfluous furniture in your home office, you’ll be amazed at how much calmer your office feels when it’s a little on the bare side. Arranging your work space close to a window will allow natural light to flood into your work area and rejuvenate your tired working self. According to recent studies, more exposure to natural light in the workplace can positively impact workers’ alertness, mood and metabolism. Lighting your office or study room during the day in this way, or with bright lights illuminating your work space in the evenings, will increase the amount of energy you put into your work.

No matter how small your home office is, with a large enough window letting in light, the room will feel instantly bigger. You don’t want to be cramped into a tiny corner whilst you’re working. You need to create a spacious area to escape a cramped mindset.

However, there are some people who may specifically prefer the appeals of a corner desk, such as the black glass corner workstation pictured below, as it discourages distraction from the rest of the room, and they can focus on the work in front of them.

Black Glass Corner Workstation

This type of workstation desk doesn’t necessarily mean that facing a corner will make you feel cramped for space. Though it certainly will if you allow it too. It is imperative, with corner-facing desks like this, that you are not just facing into a black hole abyss that will just drain your energy. You have to ensure that you are still able to draw inspiration from your corner. This could be with an interesting focus piece for those moments of uninspired lethargy or “writer’s block” or what have you. Family photos or other types of motivational imagery do incredibly well as sources of encouragement and inspiration. Plants and flowers also have an appeasing positive effect on your workflow, but that’s only as long as you water them appropriately…

Choosing Colours For Your Home Office Interiors

A pop of fresh colour can liven up your home office and make it a more energetic environment to work in. It is important to observe what colours have what kind of effect on your frame of mind though before going ahead and splashing that firetruck red all over your office wall. Ideally, you would want a bright and airy colour to open up the room, but a burst of bright colour in the right place can really do well to accent the office’s points of interest. Check out our guide on how to use bold accent colours, if you need some inspiration!

Minimalist Home Office Ideas

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