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Inspiration for Using Black in Interior Design

The colour black has all sorts of negative connotations that go along with it, and it’s certainly not the first choice for most people when contemplating colour schemes for their home. Even when people “like the idea of it”, most eventually never go through with it in fear of getting it wrong – one of the many reasons people are scared to use the colour black as a main component of their interior design.

When used excessively, without giving thought to furniture arrangement and lighting, the colour black can quickly overpower a room. It doesn’t take long before you go from modern chic to Addams Family shock.

So how do you incorporate black into your home design?


Black high gloss bedroom wardrobe

Using high gloss interiors in a bedroom can add a touch of class and sophistication to your bedroom design and create a stunning effect. As you can see in the example above with the Knight high gloss bedroom range accompanied with the blue detailed patterns.

Pink and black bedroom set

When paired with bright colours (such as the hot pink and black bedroom range pictured above), the colour combination can introduce a very funky and playful dynamic to your bedroom. Not quite as eccentric as a scene from a Lady Gaga music video, but borderline edgy enough to inspire awe in your visitors. When combining your personal signature colours and patterns with the black, it exaggerates the accompanying colours and patterns even more.

Living Room

Black and white elegant interior design

The colour black can be used to create a very cool and frosty effect, when incorporated with other monochrome tones, using a bright white as the balancer for contrasting accent colours. A single hint of colour, like the orchids on the coffee table in the picture above, can draw an enormous amount of attention to the slightest detail. The pink orchid, in this case, adds a touch of femininity to an otherwise neutral-gendered colour scheme, achieving a subtle sexiness to the living room design. Using black on white rather than white on black can also significantly enlarge the appearance of a room.

Black living room furniture

High gloss piano black, like the Montreal display unit pictured above, typically suits clean white rooms or fresh light colours for contrast pieces. Their reflective manner can really add some modern sparkle to the room.

If you’re going for more of a gothic look in your living room decor, this can be achieved by adding some Victorian-inspired decor, but to avoid gothic design you will want to stick to modern furniture and style, like the interestingly shaped Bowen coffee table. Using items like this, you can create really interesting and aesthetically pleasing geometry in the room, using abstract shapes to encourage different perceptions, such as forcing a horizontal focus using furniture and details to add visual length to a room.

If you don’t want too much black in your living room, black leather sofas (such as the Bayliss 3 Seater Black Leather Sofa) have already become a popular style of sofa, and can create quite a visually appealing look in an otherwise fresh and light-coloured surrounding.

Dining Room

Dining rooms usually aim to be quite minimalist in design. After all, you want your place of dining to look fresh and comfortable.

Cool grey dining room design

The use of the colour purple to accompany cool grey decor effectively softens the feel of the dining area and brightens up the overall contemporary look. The plush rug beneath the dining area also adds to this effect to contrast with the cold hard surfaces of the Ellen Black Glass Dining set in the photo above.

Black dining room design

A repeated pattern, such as the one on the Monterey dining chairs in the image above, can really distract the eyes from any “overuse” of the colour black, adding texture to break from the solid colours. Especially when paired with lighter colours and pastels, you can really reduce the potential morbidity of the colour right down and create a really elegant and sophisticated appearance.

These are just a few examples of how you can use the colour black to create stunningly bold statements in your home. It is easy to maintain simplicity with these modern design ideas, paying close attention to those subtle details and curiosity pieces that strike conversation but don’t distract from the overall design, allowing texture and colour to be the primary wow-factor.

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