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How to make moving house less stressful



Moving home is notoriously one of the most stressful and traumatic situations we will ever be in. Research actually shows it is the third most anxiety-inducing event, beaten by only death and divorce. Shocking statistics like this one prove that finding ways to reduce the moving house headache is not only helpful, but important too.

In this blog we will introduce a few simple ideas that however small, can make a big impact. Let’s face it; we could all do with a little help every now and then!

  • All hands on deck – the more people you can get to help you, the better. Whether that’s with the packing, the unpacking, the moving, the carrying or the eventual decorating… don’t be afraid to ask! If you offer food or alcohol, people will always be willing to help!  Ask around for advice too; everyone has to move at least once in their lives and they may just know a white van man who is perfect for the job! Google can help with that one too!
  • Try to keep a list of articles of furniture that you’re bringing with you, furniture that may already be there and most importantly – items that you need to buy as soon as you move in (try and keep this part of the list to the bare necessities – sofa? Yes. Lamp shaped like a monkey? Maybe not). This will stop you from over-spending on things you don’t really need just yet and you also get the satisfaction of ticking things off your list.
  • When considering throwing furniture away – think; can this be upcycled into something great? A lick of paint is a mere fraction of the price of buying a new item!  If you really must throw things away – contact local charity shops or organisations that may be able to use it.
  • Finally, always think LOGISTICALLY – how much room do you have to play with? Do you have to contend with small hallways or narrow staircases? If the answers to these questions are; you don’t have a lot of space, with very narrow staircases; a) you need to reconsider that grand piano, and b) we highly recommend you read on about our minimum space/maximum style solutions…

Folding tables are a godsend – if you need to have a dining table, but are worried about the valuable space it will take up then a gate leg table or a drop leaf table will solve all your problems.  Take a look at some of our best right here.

Divan beds and the options you have – Most divan beds will come in two pieces, but we now actually have a unique selection that come delivered in FOUR sections. Ideal for carrying up and down stairs and believe me, you will be very thankful on that first night – no flat pack furniture to assemble, just simply connect the bar underneath each piece and you’re ready to go. Have a look at the Warwick Divan Base, the Opal Divan Base and the Impressions Divan Base.

Above all, always remember – the moving may be stressful but the end result will make it all worthwhile… after all, you’re not only buying or renting a new home, you’re starting a new chapter of your life too!

Happy Moving!

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