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Help, my Divan Bed won’t fit up the Stairs!


It’s a common problem we see all too often. You need to buy a new bed and decide that a divan bed (with its versatility) is the right kind of bed for you. With all the choices out there you can spend hours researching the different types, styles & prices. Choices range from what size to get, how many drawers, do you go with a pocket sprung, memory foam or visco elastic divan or even an orthopaedic divan bed for a firmer feel.

With all of these decisions to be made it can be easy to forget one very important detail. Will my new divan bed fit up the stairs? This issue is ever increasing with the more development people undertake in their homes. Quite often its the 3rd floor extension or basement extensions which can cause a problem, even though divan bases usually come in two parts quite often this will still cause a problem for larger divans (5ft king size or 6ft super king size divans). Extensions built in homes usually have restrictions in which they have to work within, hence the space will be smaller than a regular size bedroom, entry into these extensions can also be tricky and the sizes of bedrooms along with obstructions like eave’s or narrow staircases can make entry near impossible.

So, before you decide on the firmness rating of the mattress or the fabric of the attached headboard – think: Can I actually get it into my home? A brand new bed is always a great thing, but when you can’t get it up your narrow staircase or through that small hallway… it’s time to look for a solution.

And that solution is where we come in – it’s quite simple, we have divan bed bases that can be split into 4 parts rather than 2, if 2 part divan bases are still too big to get up the stairs. This allows each individual piece to be carried up separately (easier to carry) and then effectively built on site within the bedroom. Each piece is connected with linking bars (this keeps the divan bases in place). It’s as easy as that.

“That’s all very well, but what about the mattress?”, I hear you ask. We have experienced a few situations where the thickness of the mattress combined with the large surface area means that squeezing it up the stairs, round the corner and through the narrow door entrance can also be a problem. Well zip and linking mattresses are the solution, this effectively allows you to get the mattress split in half for easier access into your property and then zipped back up to rejoin them. See the illustrated example below for more information.

Fitting a Divan Bed Up Your Stairs

Here are the 4 part divan beds we currently have on our website:

Impressions Divan Base - 4 Parts The Impressions Low Loft Base is ideal for small flats and spaces; coming in four parts, it is perfectly practical – and yet with three suede finishes to choose from – it’s stylish and trendy too.

Opal Divan Base - 4 partsThe Opal Divan Base is as sturdy as they come and with 3 different drawer options to choose from – storage will never be an issue. Rated 5* by a recent customer – Ms French from Westcliff: Easy to put together, the only superking that would fit up our stairs! 10 out of 10!”

Warwick Divan Base - 4 PartsThe Warwick Divan Base is easily mobile – split into 4 parts, this divan base also boasts detachable legs… narrow hallways and staircases are no match for the Warwick!

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Happy Shopping!