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What is a Drop Leaf Table?

Drop Leaf Table and Chairs

A drop leaf table is a table with a fixed middle part, which is supported by either a pedestal stand or four table legs, and hinged tabletop sections at opposing ends of the middle surface. The hinged sections are referred to as the leaves, which can be folded down or in other words “dropped” giving this piece of furniture the name “drop leaf table”.

The leaves can be dropped independently from one another or at the same time. When they are raised to form a complete tabletop, brackets slide out underneath the hinged parts to support them and make the table ready for use. There is no fixed size for a hinged table leaf and they differ from table-to-table but some can be very small and others can reach closer to the floor when folded down. The shape of their tabletops also vary from a rectangular surface to an elliptical one.

What are they used for?

Drop leaf tables have many uses from a dining table to a fold away work surface, sideboard or nightstand.

Where are drop leaf tables used?

The folding feature of these tables makes them popular for kitchens as small kitchen tables, dining tables in dining rooms that require space for alternative purposes when the table is not in use, and any room that needs a table surface that can be folded away after being used.

What are they made of?

Drop leaf tables are traditionally made of a variety of woods like oak, mahogany, pine, and beech. Modern, contemporary versions of these tables are made of chrome and glass to match such interior styles.

What else?

It is believed that the drop leaf table originated in England around the late 16th century (Furniture Styles).