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Drop Leaf Tables vs Gateleg Tables

There is no denying that a large, grand dining table can be a beautiful thing, but what if you simply don’t have the space?

If your living and dining areas are on the small side, yet you still want to enjoy the occasional sit down meal in the comfort of your own home – there are options out there… No, they do not include eating from a tray on your lap or going out to a restaurant! Here is our guide to two space-saving tables that will be your new meal time saviours:

Drop Leaf

Drop Leaf Tables

Coming in many shapes and sizes, drop leaf tables usually feature 2 hinged leaves which hang vertically down the sides of the table and can be put up to create a larger surface area in seconds. It is also handy to note that though 2 drop leaves are most common, drop leaf tables can also feature 4 leaves or even just 1 (For example: Katlan Drop Leaf Table).

Usability and practicality are the two main buzz words when it comes to drop leaf tables – unlike many extending tables, there are no separate parts to attach, no heavy lifting and no fuss. Drop leaf tables are also notoriously sturdy – although they do not fold down completely, they do greatly reduce the amount of space used. Perfect for those of us with smaller living spaces! At the end of a great meal all you have to do is fold down the sides and push the table out of the way, ready for the next time!

Gateleg Table

Gateleg Tables

In comparison to drop leaf tables, gateleg tables feature much less surface area when leaves are folded down – in fact, the majority of the table top is folded away. Gateleg tables are ideal for storing away in cupboards, attics or garages, so if you only want a table for a few times a year; a gateleg table could be the choice for you!

First introduced to England in the 16th Century, the gateleg table features a top fixed section and one or two (usually two) hinged leaves which are supported by pivoted legs when upright. Some also have wheels attached to the gate legs to make movement that much freer and easier (For example: Lichfield Teak Gateleg Table).

Albeit a traditional design, the gateleg table is also perfect for modern living – with so many houses, apartments and flats now on the smaller side, versatility is key when picking furniture and you don’t get any more versatile than the gateleg table.

Drop Leaf or Gateleg table – the choice is yours.