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5 Thoughtful Father’s Day Home Ideas

Father's Day Illustration
When it comes to Father’s Day there’s nothing more that your Dad would enjoy than being doted on all day whilst doing whatever he fancies. Being a parent can be tough so showing him your gratitude for all his hard work is a must on this national day.

To give you some ideas on how to treat your Father on his special day, we’ve conjured up a variety of thoughtful gifts and gestures that you could try this weekend for some different types of Dads in the UK.

1. The Messy Dad – Organise & Tidy His Home Workspace

If your Dad has his own workspace at home e.g. garage, shed, hobby room, workshop, etc but he struggles to keep it neat and tidy, he’ll love it if he can find everything he needs quickly and easily next time he uses it.

Find ways to organise his tools, etc using storage solutions and labels e.g. small parts could be organised into a stacked tidy/ organiser and labelled with names of the parts or illustrations.

Lego Parts Organiser
Photo taken by Windell Oskay, Flickr

2. The Movie Dad – Optimise His Viewing Experience

For the Fathers who love to sit back and enjoy Hollywood’s blockbusters in the comfort of their living room, an enhanced experience would be welcomed with open arms.

As well as cleaning the living room of dust and dirt, give your sofa and seating some TLC. If the seats are fabric then a once over with a vacuum cleaner using the appropriate attachments will give it a fresh new lease of life for when Dad parks himself.

If you’re a cinema experience buff and your Dad enjoys using surround sound when watching his movies, calibrating and aligning the speakers to get the best sound out of your home cinema will add more impact the next time he uses them. Dolby’s Home Theater Guide should help.

3. The Cooking Dad – Restore The Cookware

If your old man possesses culinary skills comparable to the great Gordon Ramsey or Jamie Oliver but his cooking tools are looking haggard with burnt on food, restoring them to almost new would be a great Father’s Day gift.

One method of removing burnt on food from a pan is by adding some squirts of washing up liquid into the pan with hot water and boiling it on the stove over a medium heat for roughly 5 minutes. This should penetrate the burnt residue and remove easier when you scrub it under running water in the sink.

Other kitchen jobs you could do for Dad on his special day include sharpening his kitchen knives using a steel or tackling the oven’s grease and grime using an oven cleaning solution. Don’t forget the Marigolds!

Kitchen Pots and Pans Hanging

4. The Work-a-holic Dad – Home Office Ordering

Your study or home office might be a place where Dad spends a lot of time, especially if he works from home. If the room looks like organised chaos i.e. papers stacked but in a way that only your Father would know the order of; tidying, grouping, and organising it all with filing systems and labels will help de-stress him by making documents, etc easier to find when needed.

Whilst you’re cleaning this room, take a look at the back of the PC, if you have one, to see if the cables can be grouped or tidied using a cable wrap for aesthetic pleasure.

Cleaning the surfaces will also help to create a more pleasant working environment that Dad will thank you for.

5. The Gardening Dad – Get Out Your Green Thumb

Fathers that love being outdoors amongst the nature and potting plants could do with the mundane tasks being done for them, cutting the grass for example. If you don’t know how to use the lawnmower just ask Dad and he’ll be more than happy to teach you, just be sure you’re the one doing the cutting.

Other gardening jobs you could do include pulling up the weeds, turning over the soil, and edging flower beds to make them look worthy of the Chelsea Flower Show.

Make a Happy Father’s Day

Alongside a card and maybe a cooked breakfast, doing any of the thoughtful and active Father’s Day ideas from our suggestions won’t cost the earth and will show your Dad how much you care about him this Sunday.

If you’ve got more great Father’s Day ideas to share with our readers, please let us know about them in a comment.

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