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8 Green Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Spring

Freshen up your bedroom this Spring and decorate with a touch of green.

When you first consider the thought of painting your bedroom green, you instantly worry about the colour’s relationship to sickness and “feeling green” – don’t let that put you off using this wonderful colour though.

Here are eight decorating ideas that will show how green can be used sensibly with other colours and furnishings to brighten up your bedroom this Spring and all year round.
Green Contemporary Bedroom photo © Viscusi Elson,


#1 Mix Your Greens

Using various shades of green for different parts of the room allows you to create a visual balance. Generally a paler green, like asparagus/ pistachio for the walls, with darker tones used as accents on bed cushions works nicely.

Green Contemporary Kids Bedroom

#2 Furnish in White

To dilute the sometimes harsh visual impact of a green wall, white furniture is often used to complement it.

Ivory and floral whites are great colours to furnish a green bedroom with because they help the eye determine visual space when light enters the room – perfect on a sunny Spring day.
photo © Karen Evars + Anderson,

#3 Peppermint With Light Ceilings

Avoid creating a dark environment with a light shade of green, like peppermint, which works very well with a light or neutral ceiling to give the bedroom a spacious appearance.
Green Eclectic Kids Bedroomphoto © Karen Joy,


Green Ceiling Kids Bedroom

#4 White Walls, Green Ceiling

Traditionally, ceilings are painted with neutral colours to help add visual height, even though the ceiling is fixed.

By swapping the norm and painting the ceiling green you run the risk of visually lowering the ceiling, however, the white walls could visually stretch the horizontal perspective of the bedroom – almost like living in a widescreen bedroom.

photo © Chr DAUER,

#5 Add Some Pink for Girls

If the green bedroom you wish to create is for a girl, adding a touch of pink will go down a treat and add some eclectic style to the otherwise nature-inspired interior.
Green & Pink Eclectic Girl's Bedroomphoto © Creative Decor by Mandi,


Green Contemporary Bedroom Loft

#6 Contrasting Dark Floors

Hardwood floors are a beautiful addition for any bedroom but with one that has green walls there is a natural association made between greenery and wood – ideal for springtime decor.

photo © Cardea Building Co.,

#7 Complementary Natural Finishes

Letting wood speak for itself in a green bedroom has the same natural beauty as wooden floors do. With wooden furniture to complement the green the occupant of a bedroom like this will feel like they’re sleeping in the woods.
Wooden Furniture Green Contemporary Bedroomphoto © Lowe’s Home Improvement,


Green Strip Contemporary Bedroom

#8 Just a Touch of Green

Rather than dominating the walls with green you could keep it simple and feature a splash of it in your bedroom in the form of a decal, paint or any other imaginative way you can conjure up.

photo © Lucas Fox Barcelona,

Time to Decorate

We hope that you’ve been inspired by this display of green bedrooms that we like. If on the other hand you’ve recently used green in your bedroom, let us know how you used this refreshing colour in the comments area below.

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