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Natural Spring Cleaning Tips for the Living Room

Window cleaning
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Springtime in the UK is a season that begins towards the end of March, which often motivates homeowners to Spring Clean their house as they say goodbye to Winter’s cold and welcome the more heated months that follow.


A good Spring Clean often involves the rigorous cleaning of your house from top to bottom and is usually done only once a year during the start of Springtime. That’s not to say that your house should remain dirty for the majority of the year but rather that it should be cleaned to an acceptable level for you. During this particular period of cleaning, however, every nook and cranny is cleared of its dirt, dust, and grime!


To help you with your spring cleaning we’ve decided to share five natural ways to clean your living room that have been widely accepted as eco-friendly alternatives to cleaning products containing unnatural chemicals, which in many cases are also believed to save you money whilst cleaning your home to the same standard.


Note: these recommendations have not been trialed by ourselves but have been suggested by several reputable figures in the natural cleaning community. If you have doubts concering these natural spring cleaning tips, we suggest you test them on an inconspicuous part of your living room furniture first.


Refreshing Your Carpet


An old, dirty carpet can contain odours and begin to look tired as it ages. This tip will show you how you can remove the smells from your carpet using a popular rising agent for baking – bicarbonate of soda (also known as baking soda).

You will need:– bicarbonate of soda Method:Begin by removing any existing dirt from the area of carpet you want to clean up using a vacuum cleaner. Next you need to sprinkle liberal amounts of baking soda around your carpet and leave it to soak up the carpet’s impurities overnight (minimum of 15 mins if you’re in a rush) – the longer you leave it, the more effective it is.Once you’re ready to remove the bicarbonate of soda from your carpet, use a vacuum cleaner to hoover it all up. The result should be a clean and odourless carpet.



Cleaning Your Mirror


Mirrors can be cleaned using a simple mixture of 2 tablespoons of lemon juice with half a gallon of water.


You will need:– a lemon- half a gallon of warm water Method:Squeeze all of the juice from the lemon into a container and remove all of the seeds and pulp using a sieve. Next you should pour two tablespoons of the juice into another container and stir in half a gallon of water.Once you’ve made your mix you can use a cloth or kitchen towel to apply the solution to the mirror. Use a second cloth to dry and buff the surface of the mirror.



Polishing Hardwood Furniture


There are two home-made mixtures that can be used to polish hardwood surfaces – the contents of hich are likely to be sitting in your kitchen cupboards.


Mixture 1 (suggested by Erin Huffstetler)


You will need:– white wine vinegar- lemon juice Method:Squeeze, de-pulp, and de-seed the juice of a fresh lemon then pour it into an empty spray bottle. Add an equal amount of white wine vinegar inside of the bottle and shake it to mix. Make sure that the bottle has not contained any previous chemicals (you can buy an empty spray bottle from your local discount store or pound shop).Spray the mix onto a clean cloth and evenly apply it to the surface you wish to polish. Use a dry, clean cloth to wipe the surface dry.


Mixture 2 (suggested by Friends of the Earth)


You will need:– lemon juice- olive oil Method:Once you’ve got your lemon juice using the previous methods, mix it in a bowl with some olive oil. The mixture should be 1 part lemon juice to 2 parts of cooking oil.Apply some of the mixture to a clean cloth and apply it directly to the surface that needs polishing. Use a clean cloth to wipe it dry.



Cleaning Your Windows


The following video created by Videojug shows how you can make a natural window cleaner out of lemons, white wine vinegar, and water:


Dusting the TV Stand


One cleaning tool that is very popular amongst dust-haters is the microfiber cloth. This useful cloth allows you to clean most dusty surfaces without the need for a cleaning solution – perfect for cleaning your television stand.


Before cleaning your television stand you should turn off the power supply of all connected devices for safety purposes. The surfaces can be cleaned using a dry microfiber cloth, however, you will need to wring it under warm water to remove the dust collected.


To clean the dust more effectively you can use a damp microfiber cloth that will allow the dust to be collected rather than passed around in the air. You will need a second, dry cloth to dry the surfaces once they’ve been wiped.



A Brief History of Spring Cleaning


The origins of Spring Cleaning appear to have many proposed beginnings that encompass religious and foreign cultural reasons, however, one humourous biological reason is that the long winter months force our bodies to produce higher levels of melatonin – a hormone that increases sleepiness in humans (caused by the lack of sunlight).


Once Spring arrives with its increase in daylight we produce much less of this hormone and feel more awake. TLC proposes that we therefore have a Spring Clean merely because this is the month that we begin to “wake up” from a melatonin-induced laziness when we are more bothered to carry out such cleaning duties whereas during winter we lack the energy to clean as thoroughly.

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