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6 Kitchen Table Sets for Small Spaces

For many homes across the UK, space is a luxury so fitting a full-sized dining table into the dining room is near impossible and in some cases the dining room is combined with the kitchen space, presenting further challenges for furniture choice.

Kitchen tables are built perfectly for these smaller dining spaces where a full-sized dining set won’t fit and provide a perfect furniture solution to houses with a kitchen diner. The only disadvantage is that they usually seat up to 4 people so if you have a large family but limited dining space, you might want to consider a re-fit of the rooms if mealtimes are important to you so that you can manage a bigger dining set.

If you’re thinking of buying a new kitchen table we’ve chosen 6 of the best looking kitchen table sets from our range of kitchen tables to give you an idea of the different styles you can choose from.

Maya Breakfast Table

Maya kitchen table and chairs

This curvatious breakfast table provides a touch of traditional class with the added beauty of French grey colour, making the natural beech table surface glow.

Wichita Compact Table Set

Wichita kitchen table set

For dining areas that need space and less clutter, the hideaway chairs of the Wichita round breakfast table make it a perfect choice.

Salvador Glass Set

Salvador kitchen table and chairs

The retro style of this set is very unique and fitting for contemporary and retro themed interiors.

Weald Breakfast Table

Weald small kitchen table set

Made of specially selected timbers, the Weald kitchen table has beautiful traditional style and is a wonderful part of our buttermilk collection.

Theo High Gloss

Theo kitchen table set

Inject some luxury looking contemporary style into your kitchen diner with this shiny, black, high gloss kitchen table set.

Shoreditch White Set

Shoreditch kitchen table and chairs

The Shoreditch round table set is very fitting in white and suits most light interior styles to add visual space but can also contrast with deeper colour schemes.