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DIY Valentine’s Day Home Gifts

Break away from the conventional Valentine’s Day celebrators this year and leave the forecourt flowers, plush teddy bears, and boxes of over-priced chocolates for someone else to indulge in. Instead, try making your loved one a gift from scratch – a true labour of love. Not only will they appreciate it much more but its also a pleasant last-minute alternative to battling with the hoards of last minute Valentine’s Day shoppers.


To help you decide on what you should make, we’ve gathered a few DIY tutorials for home gifts that your Valentine can use on this occasion or all year round if its suits their interior decor enough. It’s time to roll your sleeves up and get creating if you want to present it in time!


Heart-Shaped Wind Chime


Heart-shaped wind chime


This beautiful wind chime is so simple to make and can be customised to any shape and size of heart you wish. Alternatively you could make the heart shape anything you want as long as you follow the principles provided in this tutorial by leftfootleashed:


The Illusionists Heart

Originally intended as a small pocket gift, this intricate piece of craftsmanship is scalable so you could create a much larger version of it for the home if you wish.


Illusionists heart


Even if you attempt to create the exact replica of this it could score you brownie points on Valentine’s Day strictly because of the amount of work that goes into creating something so small. This DIY tutorial was created by bartolo:


Heart-in-heart Picture Frame


Heart-in-heart picture frame


House a memory you’ve shared with your loved one and create this beautiful picture frame out of oak using Wood Chuck’s step-by-step tutorial: Plenty of the stages can be done at home providing you have some of the tools at your disposal.


No-sew Pillow


No-sew pillow


Made by re.Create Design, this no-sew pillow requires minimal craft skill and allows you to upcycle an old or existing pillow into something more attractive for Valentine’s Day. It takes about 15 minutes to recreate and requires no stitching skills:


Valentine Candle Holder


Valentine's candle jar


If you’ve got an old mason jar or any other type of large jar lying around the house then it could be a good idea to clean it up and re-use it as a personalised candle holder. This tutorial by craftknowitall shows just how easy it is to make:


Time to DIY

We hope at least one of these DIY home gifts gave you some inspiration for a last-minute gift. If not, you can always be guarantee that chocolate works so here’s a quick tutorial on how you can make your own little chocolate treats:


Whatever it is you decide to do for Valentine’s Day we hope you have a good one!