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What Size Bed Best Suits Me?

Who knew beds could come in so many different shapes, styles and sizes? No matter how big, small or peculiar shaped your bedroom is, we are sure to offer a bed that is ideal for you, and this handy size guide is a great place to get started in finding the right sized bed to fit comfortably and practically into your bedroom.








2’6” x 6’3”

3’ x 6’3”

4’ x 6’3”

4’6” x 6’3”

5’ x 6’6”

6’ x 6’6”

30” x 75”

36” x 75”

48” x 75”

54” x 75”

60” x 78”

72” x 78”

75 x 190 cm

90 x 190 cm

120 x 190 cm

135 x 190 cm

150 x 200 cm

180 x 200 cm

( ‘
– Feet | – Inches | cm – Centimeters )

Not the sizes you are looking for? Want something more tailored to you? Why not contact us with your requirements and
we will be happy to help. We can cater for almost any size or shape that you may be looking for.

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