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How to Choose a Christmas Dining Table for Christmas Dinner

Christmas is nearly a month away and the number of online searches for dining tables in the UK has increased. This is unsurprising as we all know that Christmas dinner is an important part of the perfect festive day and we enjoy being with all of our family members at the dinner table pulling crackers, munching on some turkey, and finishing off with a Christmas pud.

To help the festive-minded buyers of dining room furniture among us we’re going to look at the three different types of Christmas dining table that are available to buy at this time of year and how they can be enjoyed the whole year round too.


Think Beyond a Christmas Dining Table

The biggest concern when buying a dining table at this time of year is how many people can it seat? One obvious result of buying a table that caters for your whole family is that you could end up with a giant table which might only be used by a handful of your family members during the other 364 days of the year. Think beyond Christmas!

Frances Hunt Extending Dining Table
One type of table that is perfect to use all year round and can cater for more people when needed is the extending dining table. At a first glance these tables have the appearance of a regular four seater (sometimes more), however, when you need extra table space the extending dining table has hidden compartments that slide and fold out. Here is a video of how a round extending dining table is extended:

With an extending dining table you will benefit from the extra space for your serving dishes full of brussel sprouts and roasties or preferably extra bodies at the table.

Note: if you intend on having more people around the table you will need to store the extra dining chairs if they are not needed after Christmas – a bigger problem if you intend on using the dining room as a multi-purpose space for the rest of the year and have limited storage space.


A Dinner Table for Two

If you are planning on enjoying Christmas dinner with a special someone or you even enjoy your own company then you can get away with a smaller dining table if you’re not expecting any hungry visitors.

Small kitchen tables are great and serve their purpose quite easily for small numbers, however, if you are expecting some company but don’t have the space for a big dining table then a drop leaf table is the way to go. Drop leaf tables have foldaway parts that transform it from a small square table into a round one, providing a little bit of extra space.

Gateleg tables on the other hand have two halves that can fold down into a thin piece of furniture. When you require the use of one or both halves of the table you simply unfold it and prop the table surface up with a leg that folds out like a gate. This type of dining table is better suited for the single diner or for two occupants that have a limited dining space and not expecting guests.


The Traditional Dining Table

This type of Christmas dining table has no gimmicks, no smoke or mirrors, and is incredibly simple to use. The traditional table can come in a variety of finishes, shapes, and styles so if you fancy a round glass dining table to tuck into your roast dinner at you will not struggle to find it.

Frances Hunt Dining Table

The traditional dinner tables are an ideal piece of furniture all year if you buy one that seats all of the members of your household and don’t intend on having extra guests over for tea. The size you buy will of course depend on the number of occupants it will have at any one time. This could mean that an extending dining table is possibly a better option if you want to avoid having a grand dining table that occupies the majority of the room’s floor space. You don’t want it to be like the one from Only Fools and Horses for example:

Only Fools and Horses Dining Table

A Dining Table is not Just for Christmas…

…it’s for life (or so we intend it to be). Make sure that whatever dining table you do decide to buy at this time of year has a clear delivery time. If you want it in time for Chrimbo then you’ll have to decide on what is practical for you fairly soon.

Feel free to browse through our selection of dining room furniture to find your Christmas dining table and we wish you all the best in your search!

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